• Stop smoking by munching on healthy snacks so you won't become overweight!

    Quit smoking today by eating good healthy snacks!

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    Many people have tried replacing smoking with eating snacks and surprisingly, this method really works! They are able to do so by munching on the so called Quit Smoking Snacks which ranges from potato chips, biscuits, sweets, chocolates and many other spoiled choices. That’s why many successful cigarette quitters have reported gaining a high amount of weight ranging from 10kg to 20kg quite easily.

    In order to understand why these quit smoking snacks work, you have to understand the psychology behind this method and that is, eating or munching on food will stimulate our blood flow while distracting our mind from thinking about the nicotines. This is why it works a treat and in saying that, your body doesn’t care what type of food you put in, as long as you’re putting something in your mouth. So why not replace these snacks with something good, better and more healthy?

    Vegetable sticks

    Okay we all love the crunch when we eat snacks such as potato chips. Every bite is like heaven, though filled with greasy oil and bad fats that we will later regret down the track. In order to replace this crunchiness sensation, you may want to try eating fresh crunchy vegetables instead such as carrot, celery and cucumber. Simply cut them into smaller tubes or stick sizes so that whenever you feel like smoking, you can bite on a few of these healthy snacks to take away that urge.

    Now if these tastes too blend for your liking, you can dip them in many low fat dipping sauces that are available in many supermarkets. They come in many types of flavors including avocado, french onion, tomato salsa and more. Our favorite recommendation would be celery with peanut butter, they are a perfect match!

    All kinds of healthy nuts

    Nuts are full of goodness that cannot be found among other food. Almond is one of the best nuts you can snack on while quitting smoking because it’s full of good fat, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. These are qualities that will help reduce blood pressure and cholesterols while making feel satisfy. If you don’t like the taste of almond, you can try other nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios (yum!), walnuts and more.

    All of these nuts are packed with healthy nutritions that are good for your heart and body. Furthermore, there has been many research done suggesting that people who eats more nuts are less likely to develop any types of cancer including lung cancer so this is a great substitute for smokers who are at a higher risk of developing this disease.

    Eat lots of fruits

    Fruits are known to contain lots of vitamins including vitamin C and they are a great way to hydrate your body, which are important for any smokers. There are many fruits in the market that you can eat as snacks including oranges, banana, apple, mango, watermelon, you name it! The varieties are enormous and they all promote good health while help keep your weight down. Simply cut them up into dice cubes and store them in your fridge so that if you nicotine evil wants to invade your mind again, you can simply take your fruit box out and kiss the nicotine goodbye!

    Drink lots of water and Exercise!

    While this has nothing to do with snack, but if you really want to quite smoking for good then you must drink lots of water to cleanse your body. You want to get rid of as much toxin as you could within the shortest possible time. So in order to speed up the cleansing process, you should do some intensive work out exercise such as running to ensure your body sweat. As we all know, sweating helps detox our body so by exercising regularly, you will continue to get rid of the bad stuff which will eventually reduce and completely eliminate your nicotine needs.

    So there you go smokers

    If you have been looking for quit smoking snacks then the above tips should give you enough guidance as to the choices of food you can munch on without becoming overweight. Making the decision to stop smoking is the first step and if you chose to quit by eating snacks instead of using medical assistance such as patches, then by following the guide in this article should be more than enough to help you stay off while keeping your body fresh and happy.

    Always remember! Quitting does not happen overnight, but many reports have suggested that by snacking, you should be able to eliminate your bad habit within 1 month. Yes, the first 2 weeks may be the hardest and you will probably eat lots of munchies to sedate the cravings but if you can through it while replacing those snacks with healthy substitutes then there’s no reason why you won’t succeed. Good luck and stay strong!

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  • Patch vs Turkey

    Success Rate – Nicotine Patches vs Cold Turkey?

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    This is one of the most often asked questions for smokers attempting to quit smoking. Some of their friends are telling them to use nicotine patches while others encourage them to go cold turkey, which basically means stopping without any chemical or medical aids. Now before we jump straight into the whole smoke cessation debate, let us first bring you some cold hard facts about the success rates of each.

    Data from

    The American Cancer Society published a very interesting article naming some facts about the success rates of stop smoking programs. They outlined the importance of understanding the criteria behind how each program defined the term “success”  into their data. For example, staying smoke-free for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year etc. Also, if there were any evidence to prove that past participants are in fact still within those defined criteria.

    Now here are their confirmed statistics:

    * Cold Turkey:  4% – 7% of smokers successfully quit without any help.

    * Medicines:  25% of people who used stayed non-smoking for over six months.

    * Other Help: Success rate increases with other help such as therapy, counselling, hypnosis, family support etc.

    As you can see, the results from using cold turkey method are not very encouraging, which is really interesting because as you read on from various other sources below, you can clearly see that cold turkey is in fact the preferred method in smoking cessation over nicotine patches or other methods.


    Data from

    The leader of analytics have compiled a poll in 2013 consisting survey data of American smokers sharing their preferred methods of quitting. In fact, these people have successfully ceased smoking and they owe it to the following:

    Smoker Poll
    Source: Gallup

    As you can see from the above survey, up to 48% of former smokers have attributed their success to cold turkey, which is a really high percentage especially if you compare it to nicotine patch which only sits on a mere 5%. Not to mention gum which is only 1%.

    Data from

    Let’s face it, most people prefer NOT to use NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) in their quit smoking journey and many studies have also shown that their success rates are NOT any better than cold turkey.

    According to their website, a research study published in 2007 interviewed 8000+ smokers who tried to quit cigarettes using different methods over a period of time. The stats were gathered and concluded after researchers met with the participants through 3 separate time intervals and here’s what they have found.

    * 68.5% of participants used the cold turkey method

    * 22% recorded success after second contact

    * 27% recorded success after third contact

    This is a more realistic research as we all know that quitting smoking is never easy and most likely will take more than one time to succeed.  Stats like these are more encouraging because they are compared to methods such as reducing quantity to using nicotine patches.


    Final Thoughts

    So there you go smokers, if you have been looking for the best method to quit this unhealthy habit for goof. We highly recommend you to try the COLD TURKEY method to begin with. You may not succeed the first time, but it is a healthier approach compare to taking medicines such as Bupropion, Varenicline or Chantix because there will be no side effects.

    While you may experience some withdrawal symptoms without the aid of gums or patches, but if you can stay strong and positives, these symptoms will only last a really short period of time. Otherwise, you are only really replacing your cigarettes with a gum or a patch and when you’re off it, the withdrawal symptoms will hit you again so you’re back to square one.

    Therefore, our best tips and advice is don’t use anything, ask for support if needed and battle it out. We wish you all the best and please stay smoke free!


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  • wheat_and_dairy

    Easing Symptoms of Emphysema with Simple Procedures

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    Easing symptoms of emphysema with simple procedures might appear a weird statement for patients, but it is actually true. Symptoms of emphysema may vary from one patient to another, but a few of them include breath shortness, chronic coughing and chest tightness. If you experience any of the troubles related to emphysema, it would be better to go to your doctor. Emphysema is a structural defect related to lungs and in reality, it is an incurable disease. There are some ways by which the disease can be prevented from getting deteriorated further. Emphysema deals with degeneration of lung tissues and air sacs by regular addiction of smoking, exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals.

    Symptoms of emphysema may result in improper contraction and expansion of lungs. This is a common problem occurring in regular smokers. There will be loss in original shape of lung tissues and you will get improper functioning of lungs by the symptoms of emphysema. This creates more in-take of carbon dioxide in the body and less oxygen content, which results into various issues. The lungs have air sacs termed as alveoli and exchange of gases takes place through these air sacs. Inflation and deflation becomes different with symptoms of emphysema arising in body.

    Cause of Symptoms of Emphysema in body

    There are many causes of getting symptoms of emphysema in body. There can be hindrance in the bronchial tract, which makes it impossible for easy breathing or exhalation. The problem arises with pressure build up in alveoli and the walls of air sacs lose their elastic nature. The fresh oxygenated air can’t reach towards lungs, which makes the symptoms of emphysema, like shortness of breath to arise. The sufferer might get into panic situation due to improper breathing pattern.

    Bronchitis is another problem clubbed with symptoms of Emphysema. The main cause of these respiratory diseases is smoking and people believe that there are more men getting this problem than women. There might be some other pollutants or chemical fumes getting into contact with lungs regularly and decreasing their efficiency. Chronic coughing can generate pressure on air sacs and cause several problems with symptoms of emphysema. Emphysema patients get chest tightness due to expansion of lung tissues and continuous coughing.

    Some suggestions to ease symptoms of Emphysema

    • Quitting smoking permanently and vowing to stay away from passive smoking too.
    • Avoiding dairy products, including milk, cheese, ice creams, yoghurt and some other foods, like citrus fruits, excessively cold water, ice cubes, banana and spicy food.
    • Avoiding exposure to cold, dampness and efforts to stay in dry climate for as much time as possible.
    • Taking herbal tea or liquorice tea with honey 2-3 times in a day for its anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Avoiding yeast containing products, like pasta, pizza, wine, bread, vinegar, processed cheese, mushrooms and vinegar. It can cause bad bacteria to grow in your body.
    • Buttercup syrup intake for chronic coughing for one-two weeks to eliminate chest tightness.

    Symptoms of Emphysema can be reduced gradually by following one-two ways illustrated above. However, terminating the habit of smoking is the foremost way to get rid of worst symptoms of emphysema.

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  • diagnosis

    Are you diagnosed with Emphysema? What to do next?

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    Learn about Emphysema

    Emphysema can be defined as a lung disease, which is mainly distinguished by breathing shortness. People with lung diseases suffer with COPD, which has chronic bronchitis and emphysema as major diseases. Air is inhaled through windpipe to bronchi and the exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) takes place through alveoli (air sacs). Oxygen molecules move across thin moisture filming from air sacs and enter the bloodstream. Blood enters towards major body organs (primarily to heart) and is pumped to the whole body. Along with this procedure, carbon dioxide in blood gets through capillaries to air sacs by the use of moisture filming. Carbon dioxide is exhaled from the body.

    What happens to Emphysema patients?

    When a person is suffering with emphysema, alveoli and lung tissues get damaged and there is also degradation of lung tissues, which makes uneasiness to breathe properly. With this, there is improper supply of oxygen to body parts, which creates many other problems. Bronchi are elastic in nature and with exposure to pollutants, smoke or irritants; they lose their elasticity. Oxygen exchange becomes difficult, which leads to several problems in the body.

    There are many people who get emphysema and chronic bronchitis together and that is the worst problem as there are multiple problems arising and lung capacity also decreases. The quantity of capillaries keeps on reducing over time, which makes a person to get insufficient oxygen amounts in the body. Patients might feel suffocated over time and the main concept is not to panic and remain calm in this condition.

    Cigarette smoking is a major cause of emphysema origination in a patient. They might also get the disease due to pollutants or exposure to industrial chemicals. Some people also have genetic AAT deficiency, which can cause emphysema. There is no way to heal or regenerate the damaged lung tissues.

    Common Emphysema symptoms

    • Breathless feeling during exertion or exercising
    • Chest tightness
    • Fast breathing
    • Sputum with cough
    • Excessive cough
    • Tiredness
    • Expansion of lung size
    • Grayish tinge of skin due to oxygen deficiency

    Emphysema Treatments & Preventions

    • Quit smoking completely and immediately
    • Medications for allergic patients
    • Anti-inflammatory medications
    • Antibiotics for clearing infection in lungs
    • Techniques to manage stresses
    • Healthy and balanced diet
    • Regular vaccinations against respiratory problems
    • Breathing exercises to increase breathing capacity
    • Portable oxygen supply
    • Various respiratory rehabilitation programs

    What if you are diagnosed with Emphysema?

    If you are diagnosed with Emphysema disease, it would be better to go to a lung specialist and talk about the solution for your problems. The doctor will diagnose your stage of disease and enable you to get best guidance. You will get latest facts on the lung disease and understand some effective ways to prevent further deterioration of lungs. It is important to take care of your heath by taking medications, adopting prevention and some home remedies to get rid of Emphysema growth.

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  • copd_2

    Interrelation between Security and COPD

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    COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The disease affects millions of Americans and is unfortunately the fourth leading death cause for people of USA. The main reason for getting is regular cigarette smoking, which ruins the lung tissues and alveoli (air sacs) in lungs. It can make difficulty in breathing and patients are unable to lead a stable life. The air sacs inside lungs lose their shape and elasticity, which can hamper easy breathing and causes lack of oxygen in the whole body. The lung tissues get stretched and irregular than elastic nature.

    There is actually no cure for COPD and patients experience different symptoms related to COPD for various diseases. Main diseases included in the category of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is not possible to live with COPD and it can hamper the quality of life of people. Patients will get breathing issues in general or job, which is the major symptom of any COPD. Cigarette smoking, exposure to harmful chemicals, industrial pollutants and dust are the major causes of COPD origination in a body.

    Major COPD Symptoms

    The signals of COPD may vary from one person to another. Breathlessness is a common symptom and apart from it, COPD might include chronic coughing, chest tightening, mucous with cough and several other symptoms. The people exposed to second hand smoking or passive smoking issues can probably get this disease. Some people don’t have ventilation in homes and continuously live in pollutants or misty kind of atmosphere. They can get COPD in different forms. The people having frequent respiratory infections or diseases can get lung diseases very easily. Wheezing and fatigue can be other issues associated with COPD.

    COPD is a progressing disease and people come to know about having a disease after getting into medieval stage. Doctors recommend immediate quitting of smoking habit for the people diagnosed at any stage of COPD. There might be other things associated with disease prevention, including avoidance of too cold air, smoke or fireplace kind of thing inside your house. Pulmonary rehabilitation can be a primary step to get better and treat COPD symptoms well. The disease can worsen, if not treated or prevented from growing and get fatal. Even a minor doubt of having pulmonary disease should not be ignored and you should move to your doctor immediately to get right diagnosis of disease. Your social security can get better by getting right treatment for COPD.

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  • relaxation

    Care giving in practical ways to increase quality of life for COPD Patients

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    There are different forms of lung diseases, and COPD patients are the major sufferers of lung diseases. COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There are different symptoms of COPD on various patients. Shortening of breath and chronic coughing are major characteristics of COPD. COPD is a group of lung diseases grouped under a single term. The causes of COPD are variable for different cases, which may include exposure to pollutants, chemicals or cigarette smoke. The most common cause is determined as active or passive smoking. COPD is the leading cause of death in Americans and commonly, in other parts of world. Many people are dealing with this issue due to some or the other cause.

    COPD patients have the major problems, like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. There can be permanent destruction of lung tissues and alveoli (air sacs). COPD symptoms of most of the diseases are similar, including breathing shortness, coughing and recurring mucous containing morning coughs. There can be many problems associated with lung destruction, including cardiac failure or respiratory problems. The people suffering with any pulmonary disease should be diagnosed by a doctor to take proper treatments.

    COPD Patients get Irreversible Disease

    COPD is an incurable disease and it becomes essential to manage it to increase the life expectancy. It is essential for every person to lead a comfortable life. Though, COPD is incurable and irreversible disease, there are many ways to get a better quality of life. Patients need to take their medicines on time and correctly to get rid of any sort of infections or inflammation arising in their bodies. They should be aware of their limitations and quit smoking completely. Turning off the habit of smoking can’t reform the degraded tissues, but it can certainly let the patients to lead a better and comfortable life by prohibiting the growth of disease. There are some simple attributes, which can limit the efficacy of patients and they might feel exhausted due to worst impacts of pulmonary diseases.

    There are many patients who will require supplementary oxygen for their body. They might require it due to problems related to lack of oxygen content. There are portable oxygen concentrators available, which can bring extra oxygen to patients to make them feel comfortable. It can increase the overall quality of life of patients.

    After diagnosis of the disease and its stage, it is merely dependent on patient to progress it or suppress the further deterioration of lungs. The care is challenging for patients and their families, but life expectancy of COPD patients can increase and they can reasonably lead a better life than before.

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  • pulse_oximeter

    Emphysema patients get monitored with Pulse Oximeter

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    Emphysema patients are affected both physically and emotionally due to unbalanced condition of their lungs. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of emphysema disease and might have some drastic impacts on the body of individuals. Emphysema patients get highly affected by the deterioration of their lungs and continuation of regular habit of smoking. There are numerous warnings given by health professionals regarding the ill effects of Emphysema on people, but people don’t understand any hazardous warning, till they get the disease.

    Pulse Oximeter: Monitoring tool for Emphysema Patients

    Pulse Oximeter is an instrument used to monitor oxygen levels in a patient. It is specifically manufactured for measuring oxygen levels and consequently, the pulse rate of people requiring monitoring of these signals. There are millions of people having respiratory problems in the body and pulse oximeter gives a way to measure oxygen levels in the body.

    The working of a pulse oximeter is very simple and easy. It can let emphysema patients know about the oxygen levels in body, along with their respiratory issues. The device is easy to use and manufactured by various companies. You can place your finger inside the product and it will analyze the oxygen content in your body. The concept behind Pulse oximeter is to read SpO2 levels, which depicts oxygen percentage in your blood’s Hb. This percentage will enable emphysema patients and their practitioners to know about the amount of oxygen present.

    Pulse Oximeter is not a complicated product and can be ported from one place to another. You can carry it easily from one place to another. It was previously used only in hospitals, but due to its portability, it can be used by people at their homes or offices to know about oxygen levels. The present size of this instrument is as a cell phone and it can be best equipment for those seeking to check oxygen levels in blood from time to time. This monitoring can help people to get right steps to maintain right levels of oxygen and even make healthcare providers to prescribe right medication for the people suffering from disease. It can help in leading to a better treatment for .t in their system.

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  • symptoms

    Brief overlook on Emphysema Symptoms and Causes

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    emphysema-symptoms-information-neededEmphysema Symptoms

    Emphysema symptoms arise due to chronic respiratory disorders, which continuously progress into an indicative disorder. Emphysema becomes an uncomfortable condition for the patient and can cause stress to their life, both physically and emotionally.

    A short view at Emphysema Symptoms is given below:

    • Breath shortness (Dyspnea): It is the major symptom of emphysema. In this condition, a patient can experience breathing issues and continuous deterioration in the breathing pattern.
    • Expanded chest or chest tightness: This is one of the emphysema symptoms arising for patients suffering from this condition from a long time. It can be due to exertion in inhaling air and distension of lungs.
    • Tachypnea: This condition develops with the need compensation of patient for more oxygen for getting better gas exchange.
    • Pneumothorax: This develops when lungs are in a collapsing condition. This also gives rise to many cardiac issues and arises due to increased level of pressure on arteries of heart, which interconnects it with lungs.
    • Bullae formation: It is another complication involving formation of huge empty spaces in lungs.
    • Cyanosis: It develops from lessened oxygenated blood in the body. Patient develops discolored patches in the body, especially on nails and lips.

    Emphysema Symptoms due to various Causes

    There are different emphysema symptoms arising from various causes. Number one cause of this problem is addiction of smoking. It is believed that men have probability of getting emphysema symptoms than women. There are huge percentages of American men having habit of smoking. The development of emphysema can lead to several problems in the body.

    Apart from regular smoking, prolonged exposure to polluted air, dust, chemicals, passive smoking and fumes can be a problem for Emphysema patients. They can get affected from occupational dangers and specifically from industrial pollutants. Indoor and outdoor pollution can be stressful for emphysema patients and enhance its growth.

    There is a genetic cause of Emphysema symptoms growth in the body. It is rare, but found in children deficient in alpha 1-antitrypsin (AAT). This protein deficiency can infect your lungs in the worst way. People having active smoking problems might transfer this problem to their kids. More specifically, active smokers having AAT deficiency can get this problem very quickly.

    Age factor is also prevalent for emphysema patients. They might not realize about having this trouble, but long-term exposure from tobacco, cigarette and irritants can be discouraging for patients. Emphysema symptoms mainly arise in mid-age patients or elderly men.

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  • copd_treatments

    Is COPD medication for you

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    COPD medication is necessary for all stages of Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Diseases. It is most essential to quit the progression of disease and the primary step patients can take is to quit smoking completely. COPD has no cure, but there are certain treatments and medications, which can help you to relieve your symptoms and help in easy breathing. It will become easy for you to breathe and live a better life by adopting COPD medication.

    Purpose of COPD medication and treatment

    COPD medication can relieve you from the worst symptoms and avoid all sorts of discomforts for a person. It can help in slowing down of the progress of disease and stay active by maintaining a good quality of life. Your body can remain fit and overall fitness can be improved by adopting regular routine of precautions and treatment.

    There are different levels of treatment for various COPD problems. The medications will depend on severe, mild and moderate conditions. If your condition is severe, lung specialist doctor will handle your case and in this case, there will be many precautions and COPD medications referred by the practitioner. COPD treatment mainly involves rehabilitation techniques, adequate oxygen supply and certain other medications.

    Common COPD Medication

    COPD is linked to distortion of lungs and caused due to damaged tissues (alveoli) inside lungs. It makes a tougher breathing pattern for patient as airways remain blocked. Smoking is the prominent cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and it includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema as the major problems.

    The following groups of COPD medication are used generally for treating the disease:

    • Steroids
    • Antibiotics
    • Immunizations

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Best COPD Medication

    COPD treatment requires pulmonary rehabilitation as a best treatment. It involves the exercising schedules, disease management, counselling sessions and other activities to be carried out comfortably. Breathing exercises can be very beneficial for strengthening muscles for breathing. It will make you more comfortable and reduce shortness of breath. You will be given exercise modules according to various timings. You can set up goals and discuss with your trainer about management of these schedules. Daily routine for walk for 20-40 minutes a day will be best for your heath.

    How to prevent progression of COPD with medication and preventions?

    If you smoke regularly, the first thing your doctor will focus on will be quitting this habit forever. The most important aspect is to stay away from anything, which can cause destruction of lung tissues. You should also avoid exposure towards passive smoking, pollutants or any harmful chemicals. Keeping lungs in a dust-free and smoke-free condition can help in COPD treatment. No COPD medication can work well, if you are not ready to quit smoking.

    View more information about emphysema treatments here.

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  • air purifier may help your emphysema

    How does Air Purifier help COPD Emphysema patients?

    December 7, 2012 • COPD EmphysemaComments (0)

    air purifier may help your emphysemaCOPD Emphysema patients suffer adversely due to the progressive disease. The people having COPD get partial blockage of lungs and damage of alveoli (air sacs). These airways are responsible for air circulation in and out of lungs. Blockage in these airways makes it difficult for people to breathe properly. The blockage even gets worse over time and it affects the breathing pattern.

    COPD Emphysema and chronic bronchitis can occur together and it is in fact the 4th major causes of death in Americans. People even don’t realize that they suffer from this disease and the cause of their breathing issues is due to pollutants like smoke, dust or chemical fumes. It is not necessary that smokers only get the disease as there are many times, when non-smokers get affects of the disease. COPD Emphysema can be caused even by genetic causes.

    Air purifier for Emphysema patients

    Air purifiers are boon for COPD emphysema affected patients. It will certainly make your life easy and better by enhancing the quality of life. The concept behind this device is to filter out pollutants, smoke or dust particles, which can have negative impacts on the body. There are sophisticated filters available in the market, which focus on catering COPD affected people. It can even filter tiniest particles and have an efficiency of 99.5-99.9%, which is very effective. Air purifiers are necessary in areas having excessive pollutants or dust particles.

    It is even safe for kids and infants. In the development of a newborn, lungs develop lately and if babies are exposed to pollutants or smoke, airways get damaged. It can worsen the life of a child by inducing early stages of COPD emphysema in their body. It is recommended for kids to breathe clean and hygienic air and get rid of pollutants. It will have positive impact on their body for the lifetime and they will be in a highly secured position.

    Life becomes easier for COPD emphysema patients and air purifiers will restrain the progression of disease. It will simply make life easier and enable you to get rid of growth of your COPD emphysema ailment.

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