COPD Emphysema


Are you diagnosed with Emphysema? What to do next?

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Learn about Emphysema Emphysema can be defined as a lung disease, which is mainly distinguished by breathing shortness. People with lung diseases suffer with COPD, which has chronic bronchitis and emphysema as major diseases. Air is inhaled through windpipe to bronchi and the exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) takes place through alveoli (air...

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Interrelation between Security and COPD

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COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The disease affects millions of Americans and is unfortunately the fourth leading death cause for people of USA. The main reason for getting is regular cigarette smoking, which ruins the lung tissues and...


Care giving in practical ways to increase quality of life for COPD Patients

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There are different forms of lung diseases, and COPD patients are the major sufferers of lung diseases. COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There are different symptoms of COPD on various patients. Shortening of breath and chronic coughing...


Emphysema patients get monitored with Pulse Oximeter

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Emphysema patients are affected both physically and emotionally due to unbalanced condition of their lungs. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of emphysema disease and might have some drastic impacts on the body of individuals. Emphysema patients get...

air purifier may help your emphysema

How does Air Purifier help COPD Emphysema patients?

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COPD Emphysema patients suffer adversely due to the progressive disease. The people having COPD get partial blockage of lungs and damage of alveoli (air sacs). These airways are responsible for air circulation in and out of lungs. Blockage in these airways...


Can COPD inhalers help you?

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COPD inhalers are important to keep the symptoms of disease under control. It helps in relieving the physical stresses of body and is widely used with different medications. These inhalers can have one or combinational medications. An inhaler would either...

Coping up with the troubles of COPD Emphysema

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Emphysema refers to lung conditions arising in a person and coping up with these situations is a real challenge for patients. COPD includes many lung related diseases and emphysema and chronic bronchitis are on the...


What is the impact of heat on COPD Emphysema and Oxygenation?

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COPD Emphysema has a huge impact due to summer heat. Your body has to work a lot to maintain a constant internal temperature. The breathing has to be adequate for the same. If you are facing some disorder in lungs, like emphysema, it can make it worse for you...


Use of Oxygen Concentrator for Emphysema patients is not new

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Oxygen concentrator devices for emphysema have been in use from a long way. People had lung diseases many years ago and used to undertake oxygen therapy as the way to get rid of lack of oxygen inside the body. Earlier, portable concentrators were not...


Smoking is Number 1 Cause of COPD Emphysema

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COPD Emphysema is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which has no cure. Patients suffering from this disease get destruction in alveoli (air sacs) and ultimately, get multiple symptoms affecting their bodies. These symptoms of emphysema keep on growing...