Care giving in practical ways to increase quality of life for COPD Patients

December 23, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

There are different forms of lung diseases, and COPD patients are the major sufferers of lung diseases. COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There are different symptoms of COPD on various patients. Shortening of breath and chronic coughing are major characteristics of COPD. COPD is a group of lung diseases grouped under a single term. The causes of COPD are variable for different cases, which may include exposure to pollutants, chemicals or cigarette smoke. The most common cause is determined as active or passive smoking. COPD is the leading cause of death in Americans and commonly, in other parts of world. Many people are dealing with this issue due to some or the other cause.

COPD patients have the major problems, like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. There can be permanent destruction of lung tissues and alveoli (air sacs). COPD symptoms of most of the diseases are similar, including breathing shortness, coughing and recurring mucous containing morning coughs. There can be many problems associated with lung destruction, including cardiac failure or respiratory problems. The people suffering with any pulmonary disease should be diagnosed by a doctor to take proper treatments.

COPD Patients get Irreversible Disease

COPD is an incurable disease and it becomes essential to manage it to increase the life expectancy. It is essential for every person to lead a comfortable life. Though, COPD is incurable and irreversible disease, there are many ways to get a better quality of life. Patients need to take their medicines on time and correctly to get rid of any sort of infections or inflammation arising in their bodies. They should be aware of their limitations and quit smoking completely. Turning off the habit of smoking can’t reform the degraded tissues, but it can certainly let the patients to lead a better and comfortable life by prohibiting the growth of disease. There are some simple attributes, which can limit the efficacy of patients and they might feel exhausted due to worst impacts of pulmonary diseases.

There are many patients who will require supplementary oxygen for their body. They might require it due to problems related to lack of oxygen content. There are portable oxygen concentrators available, which can bring extra oxygen to patients to make them feel comfortable. It can increase the overall quality of life of patients.

After diagnosis of the disease and its stage, it is merely dependent on patient to progress it or suppress the further deterioration of lungs. The care is challenging for patients and their families, but life expectancy of COPD patients can increase and they can reasonably lead a better life than before.

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