Is COPD Emphysema the Worst Smoker’s Disease?

November 1, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

copd-emphysema-smoking-is-high-causeCOPD Emphysema is a respiratory disorder, which gets worsened over time. It makes a person feel harder to breathe and enables shortening of breath. There are tiny air sacs present in lungs having natural elasticity. It takes harder to exhale the air from body. Lungs usually work like balloon system and in-takes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. COPD Emphysema can make your life go worst as this terrible medical state can worsen breathing and it takes a large amount of energy for a person to breathe properly.

COPD Emphysema develops over time and there are many treatments, which can even hamper its progress. You might get some other symptoms, like consistent breath shortness, coughing, chest tightening, irritability, fatigue, wheezing and headaches. In case, you get any one or multiple symptoms, it becomes difficult for you to breathe properly. There will be a physical examination by doctor and the doctor will wholly study your medical history. If you are a regular smoker, there is a huge probability for you to get COPD Emphysema and you might be required various diagnostic scans for the same. There will be checks made for your blood, liver through CT Scans and X-Rays and other parts of the body.

Smoking is leading cause of COPD Emphysema

Smoking is the leading cause of COPD Emphysema. The tobacco present in cigarettes can make alveoli irritable and cause extensive damage. If the smoke or irritants reach lungs, it can destroy the lungs. The worst part is that it diminishes the essential proteins responsible to keep elasticity of lungs in quality.

You can get COPD emphysema by deficiency of protein Alpha-1-antritrypsin. It keeps lungs in a good condition and maintains elasticity of lungs. This is generally a genetic condition and causes emphysema in even a person who has never smoked.

There are many herbal medications for getting conventional treatment for emphysema. Spasms and inflammation can be improved by many medications. Your throat constrictions and chest tightening can be improved by the use of drugs. Natural remedies can increase your body’s immunity and make it better. You will have to quit smoking completely to reduce further deterioration of alveoli. It can make your life better and in fact, increase the scope of leading a better life. You can get better quality of your life by adopting best COPD Emphysema treatments and preventions.

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