COPD Life Expectancy: How long can COPD patient live?

September 4, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

COPD life expectancy depends upon the stage of disease and level of symptoms experienced by patients. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can cause lungs damage. It is one of the leading causes of death of people in US. People die after reaching ending stages of this disease. Smoking and tobacco consumption are primary causes for COPD. COPD life expectancy reduces abruptly for the people who don’t quit smoking and continue to suffer from it. COPD can cause a lot of health issues and if detected early, there is a huge scope of increasing COPD life expectancy.

COPD Life Expectancy becomes more at initial stages

COPD life expectancy has a correlation with diagnosis of the disease. If lungs deterioration has started, it needs to be halted at a certain point of time. The alveoli or blood vessels once deteriorated can’t be turned back, but further lung damage can be controlled by quitting smoking and tobacco related products.

If the level of COPD has increased beyond initial phases, quitting smoking can’t only help to increase COPD life expectancy. In these cases, many therapies and measures are used to make patient comfortable. Oxygen therapy through portable concentrators is a common thing used by patients to inhale pure oxygen through a mask. This relieves them from the pressure caused by breathlessness and the patient becomes relaxed for temporary phases. There are oxygen tanks available for home use and portable concentrators can be taken to office or travel for a better scope. Oxygen concentrators have become effective replacements for conventional oxygen tanks, which couldn’t be carried easily from one place to another.

COPD life expectancy at final stages

Final stages of COPD are the most dreadful stages in which a person becomes almost near to death. The lungs get damage to higher extent and even oxygen therapies don’t work out well for patients. In end stages, lung transplantation can be the only measure for patients having life expectancy of less than 1-3 years. There is no surety of life, but lung transplantation can increase the chances of survival. One lung is replaced at a time as it is better to replace single lung at a time.

If a person is detected with COPD, smoking has to be quitted to increase life expectancy. There are other exercises, natural therapies and oxygen therapy helping patients to get rid of problems caused by COPD. You can’t fight COPD, till you quit smoking permanently.

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