COPD Life Expectancy information is the need of every affected patient

July 20, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

COPD Life expectancy: General introduction

COPD life expectancy is an essential topic to analyze for COPD patients or their dear ones. It is essential to know about it as understanding prognosis of the disease makes many people to think what all they can do to improve their life. COPD life expectancy is a motivation for many people to live healthy and longer.

Psychiatrists propose that understanding COPD life expectancy can help patients to maintain healthy lifestyle and implement some permanent changes in their lives.

The reality is that if the disease is diagnosed early and appropriate steps are undertaken to change your life style, it would be possible to live a longer life. COPD life expectancy depends on level of disease, age, sex of patient and their general habits. In simple words, COPD life expectancy means how long people live after diagnosing a disease.

COPD life expectancy: BODE Index

BODE Index is a practical tool used to measure lung distortion of a person, review negative impacts of disease and get awareness about respiratory strength of a person. BODE test includes following tests:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • 6-minute walk test (for exercise tolerance)
  • MMRC Dyspnea scale (measures shortness of breath)
  • FEV1 (airway obstruction measurement)

Higher BODE score correlates with decreased COPD life expectancy. COPD patients need to understand the significance of BODE index, which is a tool used for checking COPD life expectancy of patients. The advice of doctor is most important in this aspect. BODE Index can help in understanding about the steps to undertake to save your life from adverse impacts of COPD.

COPD life expectancy and smoking

Patients having COPD can have worst impacts of smoking on them. It can damage lungs and have negative impacts on COPD life expectancy. Regular smoking can damage lung tissues and shorten your life span. The study for smoking patients has numerous resources and scientific data. Facts also reveal that many COPD patients ultimately quitted smoking and there has been a large improvement noticed in COPD life expectancy for the people who quitted smoking, in comparison to people who didn’t consider halting smoking habit.

Cigarette smoking hazards are not hidden from us and the benefits of quitting cigarette smoking begin immediately after leaving this habit. The other treatments for COPD work well only if smoking is completely stopped. It is essential for people to understand that COPD is incurable, but they can prohibit this disease to spread further and create complications. Chronic COPD cases are difficult to manage and patients should try to take initiatives for saving their lives by halting COPD on one stage.

COPD Life expectancy: Conclusion

We might have seen COPD patients around us or some of us have this disease too. The life span for COPD patients is about 6 months to a few years. Once the disease is diagnosed, it depends on patient’s will power and condition to halt the disease to reach towards higher stages. There are many tools used by doctors to determine life expectancy for disease, but the predictions depend on your lifestyle and habits to determine the changes to be made to improve heath course. COPD life expectancy is merely in the hands of patients and they can decide what they expect from their life by implementing changes in their life pattern.

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