COPD medications for adequate treatment of disease

July 20, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

COPD Medications: Need of treatment

COPD medications is an essentiality for the people suffering from lung disease. If you are a patient or caretaker of a patient, it would be better for you to understand that what will be the result of taking COPD medications. Doctors prescribe different medications to various people according to lung inflation and inflammation levels. The medicines are common, but given tp patients, based on their present status of heath.

COPD Medications: Goals for treatment

COPD is a permanent disease and COPD medications course can prohibit the disease to reach to worse stage. The goals of a physician for treating COPD patients are:

  • Improvement of lung function
  • Halt the destruction caused by disease on lungs
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Reduction in COPD exacerbations

COPD Medication: Various treatment courses

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease mainly gets distortion of lungs and leads mainly to breathe shortening. It is a uncomfortable state and shortness of breath occurs due to obstruction of alveoli through swelled lungs. COPD medications can reduce the inflation caused in airways and makes it difficult for people to breathe. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are two major types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The main cause of COPD is smoking.

COPD medications is referred by doctors with regard to severity of your disease.

A list of common COPD medications courses is mentioned below:

  • Antibiotics: Damaged lungs are prone to bacterial infections in lungs. If you have bacterial infection inside lungs, doctor will prescribe you antibiotic course COPD medication to get rid of infectious lungs.
  • Glucocorticoids: COPD medications can include Glucocorticoids or steroids as a part of treatment course. There are also some side effects of these medications, but certain treatments are viable only with the in-take of steroids through inhaler or oral medications. Ask your doctor about pros and cons of these medications, before beginning the course.
  • Bronchodilators: This COPD medications can relax alveoli inside lungs and makes it easy for people to breathe by expanding alveoli muscles.
  • Oxygen therapy: It is a renowned treatment for COPD. There are portable oxygen concentrators available to supply oxygen directly to lungs. It results in smooth breathing pattern and a person doesn’t feel short of breath anytime.
  • Flu vaccination: Flu shots are given to COPD patients to fight off the symptoms, which can worsen your disease. It is generally given annually to patients.
  • Pneumonia Vaccination: This vaccine is given to prohibit development of pneumococcal pneumonia, which is an awful lung infection. People having high risk to catch COPD can probably get pneumonia very soon and are in high-risk group. Pneumonia vaccine shots are necessary for COPD patients.
  • Surgical procedures: These processes are only valid for people having excessive disease level and require surgery to get cured. Surgical procedures are also not permanent cure, but essential to save life of chronically affected patients.

COPD symptoms should never be ignored and appropriate steps should be taken to reduce the chances of exaggerating the problems. Patients need to undertake supplemented vitamins, minerals and balanced diet to build strong immunity and fight off infections. Natural remedies and homeopathic medications can even have positive results for patients having COPD. Patients should take COPD medication courses prescribed by doctors to avoid the disease to grow.

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