COPD Symptoms occur with lung damage

July 20, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

COPD Symptoms instigation and diagnosis

COPD Symptoms appears differently for various patients. Symptoms of COPD occur at early stages or at times, are visible at severe stages only. There are different symptoms of COPD faced by people having variable stages of disease.

It is essential to manage the disease as soon as you face any COPD symptoms. It is essential to know the symptoms and begin treatment as soon as the first symptoms of COPD arise.  Early treatment would be most effective as it can prohibit the lungs to get worse. The motive behind every procedure is to halt the worsening of disease and preserve long term functioning of lungs. There should be timely action taken for COPD symptoms and they should not be ignored in any way.

COPD Symptoms: Common signals for COPD patients

  • Dyspnea/Short breathiness

Dyspnea is the term used for shortness of breath. It results due to lack of oxygen supply towards lungs and is due to distortion of lungs caused due to COPD. COPD symptoms have dyspnea as most common feature and most of patients get indications for breath shortening for COPD.

  • Excessive mucus production

Mucus/Sputum is a substance initiated from lungs and can come out by excessive coughing. Sputum can contain inflammation or infection in respiratory tract, which might indicate COPD. There is yellowish green production of mucus, which might be related to infection caused in lungs. Doctors treat mucus generation COPD symptoms as most important signals for detecting the disease. It might not be seen in early stages, but moderate COPD has signs for mucus production.

  • Chronic coughing

These symptoms of COPD are long term and originate for initial or worst cases. Cough is developed by irritation caused by mucus, entry of foreign bodies or other sources. The cough might accompany mucus or can be non-productive, which doesn’t produce any mucus. Cough is one of the most common amongst COPD symptoms.

  • Tightening of chest

Chest tightness can be COPD symptoms describing pressure inside chest walls. It makes difficulty in breathing properly and sometimes, causes painful breathing experience.  This chest tightening can be caused due to infection and inflation caused in lungs.

  • Tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness can be one of the misconceptions for symptoms of COPD. People mistaken fatigue symptoms as general unrest of body. People having COPD have more probability to get fatigued and accompany other COPD symptoms, along with their body’s inability to work for longer durations.

  • Wheezing

Wheezing is a whistling sound produced during air exchange and it is mainly caused due to narrowing of alveoli (air ways) inside lungs. At higher stages, wheezing becomes so prevalent that it can be heard without any medical devices. These COPD symptoms are mainly visible at moderate stages.

  • Cyanosis

It is the name given to grayish discoloration of nails, lips, tongue skin or other body parts due to lack of oxygen.

  • Hemoptysis

This symptom arises when blood mixes with mucus and comes out through severe coughing. This is the signal of infection in lungs. This requires serious actions as hemoptysis depicts severity of COPD.

  • Finger clubbing

Clubbing is a signal of oxygen lack in the body and depicts as sponginess of nail bed, which causes nail bed to curve towards down direction.

Symptoms of lung diseases are not shown in every person diagnosed with the disease. It is not necessary that patients will get any of the above mentioned symptoms, but these are some common signals for initiation of disease in majority of patients. COPD symptoms should not be ignored for proper treatment.

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