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Emphysema Life Expectancy: What can you do about it?

October 9, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

Emphysema life expectancy is actually not a very encouraging thing. The disease is progressive and irreversible in nature and hence, life expectancy Emphysema gets affected by it. There are many treatments used to make the patients comfortable and help in making people away from the ill-effects of the disease. Emphysema can attack animals too, but the most discouraging results are on human beings.

Emphysema involves the damage of lungs and is a tough disease to be cured. The fact is that modern medicines can’t completely cure the damaged lungs. The diseases like TB are still manageable with highly potent medications and antibiotic drugs, but there is no repair for damaged alveoli. The worst part of Emphysema disease is that lungs are completely damaged and there is no way to repair the damage to lungs or alveoli.

Emphysema Life Expectancy at different stages

Emphysema life expectancy is different at all stages. The problems like breath shortness, chest tightness or heaviness, windy feeling during exertion or similar exercises. The symptoms of emphysema and chronic bronchitis are similar, but there is different phenomenon for the same. Emphysema breathing troubles are singular and unique.

Emphysema is mainly prevalent in people of middle ages or above 60 years. Emphysema life expectancy varies in different patients and in last phases of disease, a person might survive only for 3-5 years to live. Pregnant females and children might be victim of the disease. Emphysema patients can expect to live longer, if they become careful about their health. Emphysema Life expectancy goes lesser with growing age. The disease is non-contagious and there is no chance of getting affected by any third party.

The symptoms of disease can cause much damage to lungs. The stages of Emphysema are:

Stage 1: Mild

Stage 2: Moderate

Stage 3: Severe

Stage 4: Terminal or Extremely Severe

Emphysema Life Expectancy

Emphysema is a progressive disease. Spirometer is used to measure volume/percentage of air exhaled by a person within a second. The measurement is Forced Expiratory Volume over a second’s time. It can help a doctor to determine the status of disease. Spirometer reading range varies according to level of efficiency of lungs. A person will be able to survive for many years, if there is proper treatment is given to it.

There are many diagnostic procedures to determine emphysema life expectancy. It includes breathing problems of patients, ability of resistance, age, smoking habits and various other things. Life expectancy if disease can be improved by getting long-term oxygen therapy. It can make you away from breathlessness issues. Emphysema Life Expectancy can increase with physician’s advice.

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