Interrelation between Security and COPD

December 26, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The disease affects millions of Americans and is unfortunately the fourth leading death cause for people of USA. The main reason for getting is regular cigarette smoking, which ruins the lung tissues and alveoli (air sacs) in lungs. It can make difficulty in breathing and patients are unable to lead a stable life. The air sacs inside lungs lose their shape and elasticity, which can hamper easy breathing and causes lack of oxygen in the whole body. The lung tissues get stretched and irregular than elastic nature.

There is actually no cure for COPD and patients experience different symptoms related to COPD for various diseases. Main diseases included in the category of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is not possible to live with COPD and it can hamper the quality of life of people. Patients will get breathing issues in general or job, which is the major symptom of any COPD. Cigarette smoking, exposure to harmful chemicals, industrial pollutants and dust are the major causes of COPD origination in a body.

Major COPD Symptoms

The signals of COPD may vary from one person to another. Breathlessness is a common symptom and apart from it, COPD might include chronic coughing, chest tightening, mucous with cough and several other symptoms. The people exposed to second hand smoking or passive smoking issues can probably get this disease. Some people don’t have ventilation in homes and continuously live in pollutants or misty kind of atmosphere. They can get COPD in different forms. The people having frequent respiratory infections or diseases can get lung diseases very easily. Wheezing and fatigue can be other issues associated with COPD.

COPD is a progressing disease and people come to know about having a disease after getting into medieval stage. Doctors recommend immediate quitting of smoking habit for the people diagnosed at any stage of COPD. There might be other things associated with disease prevention, including avoidance of too cold air, smoke or fireplace kind of thing inside your house. Pulmonary rehabilitation can be a primary step to get better and treat COPD symptoms well. The disease can worsen, if not treated or prevented from growing and get fatal. Even a minor doubt of having pulmonary disease should not be ignored and you should move to your doctor immediately to get right diagnosis of disease. Your social security can get better by getting right treatment for COPD.

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