Smoking Addiction is major cause of Emphysema

August 8, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

Emphysema belongs to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease respiratory conditions. It mainly prohibits a patient from breathing properly. There are many causes of emphysema, but the major one is Smoking. About 92% of Emphysema patients have developed this disease due to their regular smoking habits. People having emphysema can also have chronic bronchitis or asthma, but it depends on their condition.

What negative impacts does Emphysema do to the body?

Emphysema causes damage to alveoli in the lungs. These are the natural air sacs located inside lungs. These sacs get distorted with regular smoking and there is improper contraction & expansion in the tissues around them. This result in loss of elasticity and alveoli becomes distorted. The surface area for exchange of gases becomes lesser as the small air sacs collaborate to become one large sac, which reduces the area for gas exchange. Inhalation of air becomes very tough and carbon dioxide can’t get out through these narrowed airways. This makes increase in levels of Carbon Dioxide and decreases Oxygen levels in blood.

Emphysema symptoms

Emphysema can result in breath shortening, dizziness, fatigue, chronic coughing, discomfort while eating, inability to do any physical exercise, weight loss and lack of energy. The disease progresses slowly and hence, patients might ignore many symptoms in the primary stages. However, there is gradual loss in appetite and shortening of breath observed in most patients.

Emphysema Facts

Emphysema is the primary result of smoking and used to occur in older adults. Men used to be more prone for this disease as in earlier times, majority of smokers were men. These days, female population has also started smoking frequently and hence, the disease has become common in females too. There can be two other major causes of emphysema: Industrial or chemical exposures and genetic deficiencies, but these are rarest causes. The foremost and most prevalent cause of disease is smoking. The risk of development of the disease increases with genetic enzyme deficiency or occupational risks, along with smoking.

Cigarette Smoking can be Fatal

If you smoke regularly, there is a huge probability that emphysema has struck on your body. It is even suggested by experts that smokers have some level of emphysema in their body and if they quit the habit at early phases, there are least chances of developing it. There is simply no cure for emphysema as distorted lungs can’t be cured in anyway. There are some ways to reduce the chances of developing the disease, but distorted lungs can’t be cured. There are some medications and therapies used to get rid of troubles caused by emphysema, but it can only be for certain duration.

Emphysema: Chronic Disablement

Emphysema patients having no wish to quit smoking can soon develop heart or lung infections. Lungs are unable to remove infected mucus, which accumulates infection. Lesser oxygen supply to heart and lungs makes overworking for heart, which becomes the cause of immediate death of patients. Emphysema can cause many fatal health issues and it demands for sudden quitting of smoking to live your life.

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