What is COPD: Signs, diagnosis, causes, effects and treatments?

July 20, 2012 • COPD Emphysema

What is COPD?

If you or anyone around you faces problems in air exchange, you might be interested to know that what is COPD. It is essential to know what is COPD for understanding about the disease in detail. COPD constitutes a group of lung related diseases, which are mainly responsible for obstructing airflow and making shortness of breath in human beings. COPD is the cause of death of many people and those having a history for smoking as at highest risk of getting this incurable disease.

What is COPD and symptoms associated with it?

To know about signals associated with the disease, you need to know what is COPD and what it can do to your body. People getting COPD may experience mostly these symptoms (single or multiple):

  • Breath shortness
  • Chronic coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in head
  • Mucus discharge with yellowish green color
  • Chest swelling
  • Graying of lips and nails

What is COPD diagnosis?

Mostly, people tend to know what is COPD diagnosis. These diseases are related to lungs and involve inflation of lungs, which causes difficulty in breathing. Doctors primarily take an account of physical condition and symptoms of patient and then refer for any blood tests or x-rays. Spirometer test is an essential step to understand what is COPD disease level. If a person has incremented mucus production, narrowed airways or inflammation inside lungs, the signs will show and they should contact their doctor immediately.

What is COPD cause?

The main reason for COPD is excessive smoking, chemical fumes inhalation, dust, air pollution and industrial pollution. You can know about what is COPD by knowing its causes and impacts on the body. It can become worse with growing years and if a person has exposure to tobacco smoke or industrial fumes, they can probably get worsening of their health.

Age is another factor determining what is COPD impact on the body. COPD mainly develops over a span of years and appears in middle ages for some person. Some people have Alpha-1-Antitrypsin deficiency, which is essential protein. It can also be genetically transmitted from pregnant mothers to their infants.

What is COPD treatment?

People diagnosed with COPD are prone to get respiratory infections, which can harm the lungs and bring breathing difficulty for people. You might wonder that what is COPD treatment, but there is no single medication or cure for this disease. It can additively cause high BO problem, strain in body, heart attack, depression and various other problems.

There is simply no cure for COPD, but it can be controlled to go to further stages. People having COPD are preferred to quit smoking permanently as tobacco smoke entering into lungs can harm it adversely. Various therapies, like protein therapy, oxygen therapy can contribute in getting treatment for COPD. Surgical procedures are essential for people having emphysema troubles for longer period or have critical illness. You can know what is COPD cure by consulting a specialist. Lung transplantation is the ultimate solution for people having severe illness in lungs.

What is COPD prevention?

Patients having COPD should be aware of what is COPD precaution and prevention. It is essential to get a control over symptoms and completely stop smoking. Patients should eat healthy food and build their immunity to get rid of any infections from foreign particles. Primarily, it is important to know what is COPD to understand the related symptoms and take necessary preventions for the disease growth.

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