Know about Three Major Stages of COPD

August 31, 2012 • COPD Stages

COPD stages are defined according to the level of disease in a human body. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) kills many people in US and other countries in a year. The main cause of these diseases is smoking and doctors recommend quitting smoking, as soon as there is even a single symptom of disease on a patient. The medication and counter treatments for COPD depends on the stages of COPD and their impact on the body.

The most common symptoms of COPD might not be well-defined in a patient’s body. They might experience cough, shortness of breath or sputum formation in the primary phases. However, these symptoms are often confused with infections or other temporary problems. COPD can be controlled by quitting smoking habit permanently.

COPD Stages:

Stage 0: This is ‘Risk Stage’ and an intimation of distortion of your lungs.

Stage 1: This stage makes a person to experience noticeable breathlessness on regular intervals. However, this might not impact their daily life as the symptoms are mild. In this stage, the lungs function more than fifty percent of their efficiency and healthy adults of same age are able to get better. Mild COPD can even be diagnosed with spirometer and treated with short termed inhaling beta-agonists.

Stage 2: This is an intermediate stage in which efficacy of lungs reduces to 30-40 percent. A person starts feeling low and dizzy during this phase and even, breathlessness issues become more frequent. It is actually ‘moderate’ stage and can be treated with anticholinergics or bronchodilators. If a patient prohibits smoking completely at this phase also, there is a huge scope of getting better soonest.

Stage 3: This is one of the most alarming COPD stages, in which the efficiency of lungs drops below 30-35% and life becomes miserable. The patient gets breathing issues even on doing minor tasks and is affected adversely. The quality of life decreases and the danger is the most in these stages of COPD. This is ‘Severe’ phase of disease and can be relieved temporarily with anticholinergics, glucocorticosteroids and bronchodilators.

As soon as the symptoms of any COPD stages are detected, it is more beneficial for the patient. COPD is incurable, but it can be controlled to become worst and enter into next stages. The most prominent advice for COPD patients is to QUIT SMOKING completely as it can ruin your lungs functioning and make your condition worst.

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