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Last stage of COPD: Life threatening phase of disease

July 20, 2012 • COPD Stages

end-stage-copd-stage 4Last stage of COPD: Definition and facts

Last stage of COPD implies to the highest level of distortion of lungs due to disease, which can probably lead to failure of respiratory system. End stage usually associates with termination of life or a permanent disability. Last stage of COPD is the terminating phase in the course of progressive Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. At this stage, doctors feel that they’ve done most attempts to cure the disease, but the body of patient doesn’t react well. In some cases, patients don’t keep preventions at earlier stages and keep on doing the things prohibited by doctors. They finally get towards last stage of COPD and get on the peak of the level of their disease.

COPD is a disease without any cure. It has an unpredictable move and patients might get ups and downs in their heath. The prognosis for last stage of COPD is very tough as respiratory functioning is unpredictable. Patient gets limitation in airflow and during this stage; they are prone to nearing death. The quality of life is impaired and symptoms of disease become excessive at last stage of COPD.

Last stage of COPD symptoms

There are severe symptoms of disease in last stage of COPD. Doctors conduct several tests to recognize the level of disease and chances of survival. There is excessive coughing and wheezing experienced by patients. They also get frequent shortage of breath and feel uncomfortable while breathing. Life of patients becomes miserable and they feel pain and fatigue even while resting. Last stages of COPD have excessive symptoms, which become difficult to tolerate at many times.

Last stage of COPD Life expectancy

The survival rate of patients at last stage of COPD is less than 20%. Complications in breathing and respiratory system become so prevalent that patients are unable to breathe properly. These problems become worst with growing time and can’t be cured.

Last stage of COPD treatments

Last stage of COPD is complicated and requires complex measures for treatment. There is no cure for end stages of lung diseases and as severity of disease increase with prolonged symptoms.

Some common treatments followed at last stage of COPD include:

  • Surgical procedure: It includes surgical procedures like lung transplantation or bullectomy. It can benefit only some people as surgeries have positive impact only for rare cases.
  • Opiates: It might improve shortening of breath, but can have serious impacts. It is given for the cases having excessive problem related to breathe shortening.
  • Glucocorticoids: It is prescribed to patients having FEV1 lesser than 50% and to patients having multiple COPD troubles.
  • Oxygen supplementation: This can be given to patients requiring oxygen deficiency inside lungs and can cause multiple benefits.
  • NIPPV: It can lessen retention of carbon dioxide gas, but is recommended very rarely.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: It is a procedure for COPD patients at every stage.
  • Psychological support: This is very essential as patients in last stages of life lose all hopes and support.
  • Nutritional counseling: Balanced diet is necessary for building strong immunity and it even restrict other problems to enter into the body.

COPD is a progressive and irreversible disease. If it is detected at early stages, it can be prevented from growing. This disease can be managed only at mild or moderate stage. Treatment, Management and prevention of disease can restrict it to further develop till last stage of COPD.

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