Mild COPD: Symptoms need not be ignored

July 20, 2012 • COPD Stages

Mild COPD: Facts associated with it

mild-copdCOPD is classified into four stages and mild COPD is the primary level of disease. FEV1 to FVC ratio at this stage are below 70% and value of FEV1 should be equal to or exceeding 80%. It is better to get the mild COPD diagnosed as early as possible as you can adopt various ways to prevent the growth of disease further. Early stages of disease are easy to control through several lifestyle and dietary changes.

Mild COPD: Ways to diagnose the disease

Mild COPD stage is mainly recognized by some symptoms realized by patients. The primary test to check efficiency of lungs is spirometry test. It is a painless test and requires only simple steps. Spirometer is a device having a large hose connected to a machine. Patient has to breathe hard into the hose and it can measure the air capacity of your lungs. It also depends on how air blows out of lungs after having deep breathe.

Mild COPD doesn’t have much inflation and infection in lungs and can be prevented from getting into chronic stages. Your doctor can determine level of your disease from symptoms you are experiencing as well as results of some tests. Mild COPD stage is not so risky or complex, but the degeneration of lung tissues starts at this level. You might not be aware of the fact that your lungs are deteriorating, but they will gradually get worsened with symptoms like breath shortening, sputum production, chronic cough or similar symptoms.

Mild COPD causes and symptoms

There are many causes of COPD origination in the body. The major reason is regular smoking habit or exposure to industrial fumes in daily life. Mild COPD symptoms also arise due to protein deficiency in the body of a person. The symptoms in mild stage of COPD don’t appear very soon and are sometimes misunderstood as different diseases. However, some people experience shortening of breath, wheezing, continuous coughing, mucus production and fatigue in mild COPD stages.

Mild COPD treatment

Mild COPD is the best stage for treatment and prevention of this disease. Actually, COPD is incurable, but at mild stage, there are some precautions taken to get rid of the disease. There are some medications provided by doctors to ensure that the infection is removed from the lungs.

Some treatment options for mild COPD includes:

  • Quit smoking: Regular smokers should completely get rid of their smoking habit at this early stage of COPD. This will make you feel better and your lungs will be prohibited from getting further deterioration. It will hamper progression of disease.
  • Bronchodilators: These are helpful in modification of lung functioning at early stages. These medications are provided on necessary basis to avoid worsening of COPD. These are to be taken for a lesser period and under prescription of doctor.
  • Regular flu and pneumonia shots: Flu and pneumonia vaccines are preferred by doctors on regular intervals to get away from any occurrences related to lung infection. These shots reduce the chances for inflammation in lungs and keep them safe from infections.
  • Antibiotics: These courses are suggested by doctors to get rid of infection caused in lungs.
  • Exercising: Patients have to adopt light exercising schedules to remain fit. This can improve quality of your life and make you feel fresh and healthy. COPD patients are always advised to walk daily and maintain a balance of their body’s stability.
  • Nutritious diet: Diet is essential for mild COPD patients. They should take healthy diet to improve resistance of body and make immunity levels high.

These are some common treatments given to COPD patients at mild stages. Prevention and precaution are the important tools for mild COPD cases.

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