Nebulizer is beneficial for treating COPD stages

December 3, 2012 • COPD Stages

Nebulizers are becoming very popular for patients undergoing different COPD stages. The main reason is that inhalers and heavy dosage medicines have replaced nebulizers for treating different conditions, like asthma and other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases.

Nebulizer can treat COPD and these devices are meant to generate vapors of medicines in liquid form and it aids in improving mucus viscosity and help in easy breathing. This equipment is preferred for patients suffering from issues related to long-term lung diseases. The patients having COPD symptoms can effectively use it to get rid of problems such as shortness of breath, chronic coughing and even chest tightness.

Use of Nebulizers for COPD

Nebulizers can be beneficial for different COPD stages. There are practical advises given for the use of these devices, including:

  • Easy to handle (hand held) nebulizers are preferred widely for providing excellent results for COPD patients. They are handy and portable devices used to clear lungs and any mucous present inside them.
  • It is preferred over the use of inhalers for patients having problems related to breathing. These are relatively effective than metered dosage inhalers and can be helpful in treating emergency conditions such as having extreme difficulty in breathing.
  • It proved effective for elderly patients or disabled people. It is easy to use them for inhaling medicinal vapors as the patient can use them as facemask. It will not have to be actively pushed down for engaging the medication dosages.
  • If patients are having no improvements by the use of nebulizers, they have to be reviewed as it is possible that they are not making use of the equipments in a right way. Positive changes for temporary period of time will get better reviews.
  • Face masks and mouthpieces are the parts of a nebuliser. It is essential to know the proper working of these components to achieve the most effective results. Patients might require the use of face mask for usage of some anticholinergic drugs.
  • You can choose some self-treatment options for patients having emphysema troubles and these options can go best in conjunction with nebulizers.
  • Hypercapnic patients will be able to use nebulizers that have compressed air.  Other oxygen therapy devices can aggravate their problem and hence, this device is the only option.

Nebulizers are effective for COPD stages treatment. It can enable for self-admiration of drugs and provide better results for patients. This treatment can be done easily at home and you will not depend on the local healthcare systems for terminating COPD related breathing issues. It can provide several benefits to patients at all COPD stages.

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