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Severe COPD: Tough stage of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

July 20, 2012 • COPD Stages

Severe COPD: Introduction about severe stage of COPD

severe-copd- stage 3Severe COPD is the final stage of lung diseases and has most complicated approach. COPD is one of the major causes of mortality worldwide and has a burdened approach. It is a multicomponent disorder having worst impacts on respiratory organs of the body. Patients having severe COPD are either not treated well or didn’t follow precautions in the early stages. There can be a case that a patient might have ignored symptoms of COPD at early levels and forced it to grow with time.

In severe COPD, the FEV1 to FEV ratio becomes 70% and FEV1 value should be 30-49%. This stage includes extreme symptoms and a person feels almost breathless at every moment. They feel fatigued and short of breath during rest periods too. The quality of life with severe COPD becomes too low and a person feels low and dizzy every time.

Severe COPD Symptoms

The symptoms for severe COPD are at extreme levels. Patient feels shortness of breath even by doing routine tasks, like going to restroom, changing attire, bathing or even resting. They get severe coughing and wheezing. Patients usually feel low and discomforted with excessive distortion of lungs. At severe COPD stage, lungs are at worst stage and can result into any further complication.

Severe COPD diagnosis

Doctors conduct several tests to check the level of COPD. It is essential for them to know the distortion level of lungs to treat the disease well. Severe COPD is at worst stages and doctors can halt any complications or immediate situations to occur by beginning medications and preventions.

Severe COPD Treatment

Severe COPD can’t be treated as distorted lungs are impossible to cure. However, there are some medications and treatments given to patients to avoid any further problem in lungs.

Common treatments for excessive COPD are:

  • Smoking Cessation: It is essential to terminate smoking habit completely. It will prohibit the progression of disease and benefits health in several ways. Smoking should be essentially turned out of life to stay healthy.
  • Vaccinations for flu and pneumonia: COPD patients should get regular course of vaccinations to avoid any entry of infection in lungs. COPD Exacerbation should be avoided to get rid of chances of infection.
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotic courses are recommended to patients to get rid of infections in the body. These can’t alter deformity in lungs, but can resist them to get infected.
  • Bronchodilators: They are available in the form of inhalers and can manage worsening of COPD symptoms at severe stage.
  • Oxygen therapy: Oxygen concentrators are used to supply additive oxygen in the lungs of patients to enable easy breathing. It can be done through portable oxygen concentrators.
  • Protein therapy: This is applicable for people having lessened protein content in the body and have got lung damage due to absence of required protein levels. In this therapy, extra protein is supplied to the body to maintain adequate protein in the body.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: It is required mainly at initial stages, but can be effective at severe COPD stages too. It gives a positive counseling to patients regarding their disease and ways to save their life by improving quality of their lifestyle.
  • Glucocorticoids: These are required for some stages, especially when there are frequent exacerbations.
  • Surgical procedures: Patients at last stages of COPD are advised to adopt surgical ways as life savers. Surgeries like lung transplantation are critical, but become essential to save life of a person.

COPD is an incurable disease and patients should start getting treatment and preventions for it as soon as diagnosis is made for it. Severe COPD stage can be life threatening.

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