Spirometer can help in Early Detection of COPD

November 11, 2012 • COPD Stages

Early detection of COPD can enable a person to get rid of the further complications. When you realize that you are affected with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it indicates that you have deterioration of lungs. There are many symptoms associated with COPD and your doctor can detect the disease with spirometer test in the very first go. Lung functioning test through Spirometer is widely used and primary test for detecting COPD. It can accurately access the severity of disease and make you take further steps to hamper the growth of disease.

What is Spirometry test?

It is a simple test, which can measure the air quantity inhaled or exhaled by a person at a particular time. This investigation can diagnose COPD and determine the level of disease. Doctors can decide the further treatment of disease by knowing the present level of COPD. It is actually an irreversible disease and creates issues in proper breathing. There are problems like shortening of breath and fast breathing, which prohibits a person to inhale properly. Early detection of COPD can allow a doctor to take appropriate steps soon after getting the disease.

Risk factors involved for getting early stages of COPD

There are many factors included for getting COPD. Active and passive smoking is the prior cause of disease. It can also be due to genetic disorder, air pollution, workplace issues and domestic pollution. The disease is also common in the people who don’t smoke, but in majority, the people having a habit of smoking get COPD very soon.

The patient might also experience cough with expectoration, weight loss, chronic coughing and many other problems during early stages of COPD. The mild form of disease soon spreads and becomes higher with time. This is due to continuous deterioration of the disease. In early stages of COPD symptoms, there is comparatively lesser intensity of problems than in further stages. If a smoker keeps on continuing their habit of smoking, they can’t get cured and their lungs will further deteriorate; leading the problem towards higher stages.

There are different kinds of severities associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it can hamper the lung functioning in one or the other way. Lungs once distorted can’t be retained back to original state. There are issues like mild coughing beginning in the initial phases, which is accompanied by shortness of breath and other problems in the further stages. There is severity of disease expected for regular smokers or people being exposed to dust or chemical environment. Spirometry test can help in recognition of disease and if there is any problem in the test, there are further diagnostic procedures adopted to get the treatment done in a right way.

What does doctor usually recommend at early stages of COPD detected with Spirometry test?

If doctor finds anything indifferent in spirometry test, they will usually give some common measures to stop further deterioration of lungs. Some common recommendations are:

  • Avoiding irritants and allergens favoring disease growth
  • Quit smoking completely
  • Keep proper administration for treatments given by Pneumologists
  • Proper medication to get rid of infection.
  • Influenza and pneumonia medication

Early stages of COPD are not risky, but warn a patient from getting high-risk disease.

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