Early stages of Emphysema Warning & Symptoms should not be ignored

October 10, 2012 • Emphysema Stages

Early stages of Emphysema symptoms vary from one person to another. It is a condition affecting body in such a way that patients are unable to breathe properly. They can get serious medical conditions, which can further give birth to several diseases. The signals of emphysema might appear in early phases or even in end times. It is essential to diagnose the disease soonest to start its treatment immediately.

Risk Factors for Emphysema

Smoking is the primary habit, which risks for emphysema development. The people actively smoking or engaged into passive smoking are at highest level to develop the disease. There are many respiratory diseases involved with the risk of development of disease. There is a huge list of COPD and there can be single or multiple COPD symptoms experienced by a patient by gradually smoking. You can further save damage towards your lungs by quitting smoking habit.

Apart from smoking, the other reasons could be exposure to pollutants or toxins inhaled through chemicals. Carbon monoxide and other gases can harm body in a worst way. Even, passive smokers have a risk of developing breathing difficulties in their life. The risk of development of diseases increases with progression of disease.

Early Stages of Emphysema Symptoms

The main signal of trouble noticed by most people is that there will be shortness of breath experienced by patients. In the early phases, simple exercise techniques might work out for drawing back deep breath. As the symptoms progress and disease gets on next level, there might be light-headedness or dizziness felt afterwards. The main reason for this feeling is less in-take of oxygen drawn through damaged lungs. The hallmark position of this condition is weak or damaged lungs.

Chronic coughing is another symptom experienced by many patients. The cough will begin normally, but would keep on growing gradually. There can be improper flow of air towards lungs and diagnosis will be made by your doctor regarding your disease. There are potential treatments procedures can bring appropriate oxygen levels to blood. The disease progresses with gradual weakening of tiny alveoli within lungs and brings lesser oxygen to blood. Chronic coughing is even a primary signal for onset of Emphysema. Warning signals should not be ignored to prohibit the disease to spread further.

Warning signals for Early Stages of Emphysema

Emphysema hampers the ability of a person to breathe properly. It is an irreversible disease and once, the lungs and alveoli inside it are damaged; there will be no chance of managing the disease. Chest tightness is often experienced by patients ant they might reach a point, where the problem becomes unbearable. Chest heaviness is often experienced by people and these problems should not be ignored to avoid any further complications due to Emphysema. Early Stages of Emphysema are important to know for smokers.

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