Emphysema end stage symptoms: Know about final stages of disease

September 7, 2012 • Emphysema Stages

Emphysema end stage symptoms are crucial to understand because during this phase, the disease becomes incurable and often, the result is death. In this phase, the lungs get degraded and there is no scope to remain alive, even if the treatment for disease starts quickly. The diagnosis of emphysema has to be made during early stages and the preventions and treatment should begin very quickly to avoid the problem to turn into next stages. It is too late to begin treatment at end stages.

The general symptoms of emphysema begin with dry coughing and shortness of breath. These symptoms go on worse side, as the disease reaches its end symptoms. People feel difficult to breathe even during daily routine works. In extreme stages, the fingernails and lips of people start turning gray-blue in color, which clearly depicts absence of oxygen within the body and excessive carbon dioxide. The body is unable to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. There is excessive formation of mucus and its color also becomes pale yellowish or greenish.

Exclusive emphysema end stage symptoms

Excessive breathing difficulty is undoubtedly a major end stage symptom of Emphysema. A person will become fatigued and tired as adequate amount of oxygen doesn’t get inside the body, which results into breathlessness. It is also possible that they get breathing issues even after doing simple routine tasks, such as bending down, opening cupboard, walking a bit in home or such things. Respiratory infections are not easy to get treated and require time and proper preventions to get cured. It reduces their productivity and life becomes dull and fatigued for them.

People mostly experience lung failure during end stages of emphysema and in this situation, lung transplant is the only option left with them. Doctors replace one lung at a time as replacement of both lungs at a time doesn’t work so well. Emphysema end stage symptoms also induce pneumothorax condition, which is a condition in which excessive air leaks out from lungs. It can cause pain and severe breathing issues.

Emphysema end stage symptoms also include loss of weight rapidly. The levels of tumors also increase within the body and it also causes weight loss.

Emphysema End Stage Symptoms Diagnosis

Emphysema end stage symptoms are diagnosed very soon by physicians. There is a check made on complete medical history of patients and then lung functioning tests and x-rays images are taken. These tests are meant to know the rate of inflation of lungs and condition of blood vessels. Spirometer test is the foremost testing done and it allows physicians to know the lung volume and flow rate. Some blood tests are also carried out to know the RBCs in blood. Pulse-Oximetry testing is done to find saturation levels of oxygen inside a body.

Emphysema is a progressive disease and it occurs mainly in mid-aged people. There is no scope that this disease occurs in babies or infants. Sometimes, the symptoms of disease are correlated with Asthma, but emphysema end stage symptoms are different. If you know someone who is suffering from the disease, you can help them to make preventions and at least, get some more days to live their life. Emphysema end stage symptoms are dangerous and cause fatal condition.

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