Indications for Early Stages of Emphysema

August 20, 2012 • Emphysema Stages

Emphysema is a dreadful condition in chronic stages and hence, it is always better, if early stages of emphysema are caught by the patient. The disease can lead to serious consequences and eventually relates to heart, kidney, liver and other diseases. Lack of oxygen supply to lungs is always harmful and cause many problems. The signals of this disease can be hard to endure at later stages. This problem is often confused with other COPD or respiratory diseases. However, it is always better to get diagnose soon.

Patients at most risk

Emphysema has the most common occurrence in people who smoke regularly. Even the people living around smokers can have the disease. If diagnosis is done for early stages of emphysema, doctors advise patients to quit smoking completely to save their life. The respiratory disease can lead to lower quality of life and damage your lungs permanently and once lungs are distorted, they can never get cured from their damaged condition. You should quit smoking for the sake of your life and it might even save your future.

People having regular exposure to pollutants of harmful chemicals in industry can even get the same problem. If you are exposed to harmful fumes at work, it is quite possible that you don’t detect traces of emphysema at primary phases and get breathing difficulties in medieval or last stages of disease.

Early stages of emphysema symptoms

The main sign of trouble for emphysema patients at early phases is shortness of breath. The person will feel tired even after doing routine activities. It might leave them tired and dizzy throughout the day. This is mainly due to lesser amount of oxygen in lungs. The lungs get distorted and damaged due to which the oxygen can’t be absorbed by lungs properly. This can damage the lungs and make them incapable of breathing properly.

Some people also get sudden problem of chronic cough during early stages of emphysema. The reason is that oxygen can’t be drawn into their lungs and chronic cough begins. With the progression of disease, oxygen supply in blood becomes less due to incapable lungs. The signal of coughing gives a signal that lungs are damaged beyond repair.

Noticeable warning signs for early emphysema phases

Breathing becomes more difficult and at times, painful at early emphysema stages. It is worth remembering that emphysema has no permanent cure, but it can be treated for easy management. Heavy or tight chest symptoms should never be ignored and gives a signal that lungs have reached the critical stage. Early stages of emphysema signals are worth considering and should not be ignored.

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