Useful Tips for Emphysema Life Expectancy

October 9, 2012 • COPD Emphysema, Emphysema Stages

Emphysema life expectancy depends on COPD stage. Emphysema is a progressive disease having disorder of lungs. The symptoms are mainly breathing issues and if you are suffering from the disease, you will certainly experience breathing difficulties or windiness during exertion. The body is unable to breathe adequate amount of oxygen and excessive carbon dioxide is accumulated within the body. There are many health hazards associated with emphysema. The symptoms of Emphysema and other COPD might be similar, but it is important to get diagnosed with correct disease and its concurrent stage in a human being to determine Emphysema Life Expectancy.

Emphysema Life Expectancy: Determined through Stages of Disease




70-80 Very Good


60-70 Fair


50-60 Difficult


30-40 Very Less


Emphysema Life Expectancy

If the diagnosis of Emphysema disease is made in the early stages, the cure would be possible without hassles. However, if it is ignored or undiagnosed at initial stages, there will be more deterioration of lungs and appearance of advanced stages of disease. The symptoms need to be identified ASAP and treatment should be made the earliest. Emphysema is untreatable, but emphysema life expectancy can be good, if appropriate actions are taken at a right time.

Emphysema Life Expectancy is believed not to go beyond 5 years. In worst cases, it is lesser than even one year time. Studies reveal that if proper treatment is made for the disease at right time, patient can survive for a longer time. They need to quit smoking completely as it is the major cause of progression of disease. Emphysema can have negative impact on your children and hence, you should think about leaving your smoking habit to get a better scope of disease.

Common Symptoms of Emphysema not to be ignored

You have to know about the symptoms of disease to diagnose it on a personal level. Breathing problem is the most common symptom of emphysema patients. The patient might get regular coughing and wheezing. There might be sputum inclusion in coughing. The lips become greyish and the body weight falls consistently.

Emphysema Life Expectancy can be improved by prescribing a long-term oxygen therapy for patients. It eases the breathing issues and can relieve patients by providing extra oxygen to them. Antibiotics are also prescribed for some patients having bacterial infection in their lungs. Bronchodilators are used by some people to get relieved from severe breathing symptoms. You can refer to your doctor regarding the symptoms you are facing and they might let you know about the best therapies to get rid of disease and increase Emphysema Life Expectancy.

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