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All you need to know about Severe COPD symptoms

October 16, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Severe COPD symptoms occur, when a person doesn’t adhere to medicines, natural treatments or preventions. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can progressively hamper the condition of a patient and untreated patients get severe COPD symptoms very soon.

COPD symptoms begin from breath shortness, chest tightening, and wheezing, along with mucus accumulation in pulmonary system. The symptoms experienced by different people vary according to the level of disease and COPD Stage. Smoking has been reported as the most common reason for initiation of COPD. Apart from it, polluted atmosphere and exposure to harmful chemicals also act as major factor for millions of people to get severe COPD symptoms. Millions of people are dealing with these symptoms on regular basis and most of them ignore the early symptoms, by thinking the disease to be regular asthma attacks, cold or excessive coughing due to infection.

When do severe COPD symptoms occur?

Generally, severe COPD symptoms can be noticed among middle-to-old aged people. However, age is not the only factor for experiencing COPD symptoms. The condition is incurable and the symptoms and stages increase with progression of disease. There are many ways through which COPD symptoms are alleviated. The major focus behind lessening the symptoms is to get relief from your current condition. The symptoms can’t vanish completely all of a sudden, but it can slow down with continuous precaution and prevention from certain lifestyle habits or food items. Patients will have to be careful and quit smoking completely. They can manage not to enter polluting atmosphere or allergens and all this can be a contribution for wholesome treatment of the disease.

Note down your COPD symptoms

If you have a hint about having COPD, it would be better to take a note of your problems and check out severe COPD symptoms. You can let your physician know about all your problems in detail, so that they can deal with it properly. Irregularity in heart beat, lips or nails turning grey, shortness of breath and no effect on medications are severe COPD symptoms.

Your physician can also require some tests to check your exact condition and stage. You can get assured of correct treatments with appropriate diagnosis of your disease. Severe

COPD symptoms can be unbearable and patients should try to get rid of the causes of these symptoms to feel better.

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