Brief overlook on Emphysema Symptoms and Causes

December 17, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

emphysema-symptoms-information-neededEmphysema Symptoms

Emphysema symptoms arise due to chronic respiratory disorders, which continuously progress into an indicative disorder. Emphysema becomes an uncomfortable condition for the patient and can cause stress to their life, both physically and emotionally.

A short view at Emphysema Symptoms is given below:

  • Breath shortness (Dyspnea): It is the major symptom of emphysema. In this condition, a patient can experience breathing issues and continuous deterioration in the breathing pattern.
  • Expanded chest or chest tightness: This is one of the emphysema symptoms arising for patients suffering from this condition from a long time. It can be due to exertion in inhaling air and distension of lungs.
  • Tachypnea: This condition develops with the need compensation of patient for more oxygen for getting better gas exchange.
  • Pneumothorax: This develops when lungs are in a collapsing condition. This also gives rise to many cardiac issues and arises due to increased level of pressure on arteries of heart, which interconnects it with lungs.
  • Bullae formation: It is another complication involving formation of huge empty spaces in lungs.
  • Cyanosis: It develops from lessened oxygenated blood in the body. Patient develops discolored patches in the body, especially on nails and lips.

Emphysema Symptoms due to various Causes

There are different emphysema symptoms arising from various causes. Number one cause of this problem is addiction of smoking. It is believed that men have probability of getting emphysema symptoms than women. There are huge percentages of American men having habit of smoking. The development of emphysema can lead to several problems in the body.

Apart from regular smoking, prolonged exposure to polluted air, dust, chemicals, passive smoking and fumes can be a problem for Emphysema patients. They can get affected from occupational dangers and specifically from industrial pollutants. Indoor and outdoor pollution can be stressful for emphysema patients and enhance its growth.

There is a genetic cause of Emphysema symptoms growth in the body. It is rare, but found in children deficient in alpha 1-antitrypsin (AAT). This protein deficiency can infect your lungs in the worst way. People having active smoking problems might transfer this problem to their kids. More specifically, active smokers having AAT deficiency can get this problem very quickly.

Age factor is also prevalent for emphysema patients. They might not realize about having this trouble, but long-term exposure from tobacco, cigarette and irritants can be discouraging for patients. Emphysema symptoms mainly arise in mid-age patients or elderly men.

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