Easing Symptoms of Emphysema with Simple Procedures

January 3, 2013 • Emphysema Symptoms

Easing symptoms of emphysema with simple procedures might appear a weird statement for patients, but it is actually true. Symptoms of emphysema may vary from one patient to another, but a few of them include breath shortness, chronic coughing and chest tightness. If you experience any of the troubles related to emphysema, it would be better to go to your doctor. Emphysema is a structural defect related to lungs and in reality, it is an incurable disease. There are some ways by which the disease can be prevented from getting deteriorated further. Emphysema deals with degeneration of lung tissues and air sacs by regular addiction of smoking, exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals.

Symptoms of emphysema may result in improper contraction and expansion of lungs. This is a common problem occurring in regular smokers. There will be loss in original shape of lung tissues and you will get improper functioning of lungs by the symptoms of emphysema. This creates more in-take of carbon dioxide in the body and less oxygen content, which results into various issues. The lungs have air sacs termed as alveoli and exchange of gases takes place through these air sacs. Inflation and deflation becomes different with symptoms of emphysema arising in body.

Cause of Symptoms of Emphysema in body

There are many causes of getting symptoms of emphysema in body. There can be hindrance in the bronchial tract, which makes it impossible for easy breathing or exhalation. The problem arises with pressure build up in alveoli and the walls of air sacs lose their elastic nature. The fresh oxygenated air can’t reach towards lungs, which makes the symptoms of emphysema, like shortness of breath to arise. The sufferer might get into panic situation due to improper breathing pattern.

Bronchitis is another problem clubbed with symptoms of Emphysema. The main cause of these respiratory diseases is smoking and people believe that there are more men getting this problem than women. There might be some other pollutants or chemical fumes getting into contact with lungs regularly and decreasing their efficiency. Chronic coughing can generate pressure on air sacs and cause several problems with symptoms of emphysema. Emphysema patients get chest tightness due to expansion of lung tissues and continuous coughing.

Some suggestions to ease symptoms of Emphysema

  • Quitting smoking permanently and vowing to stay away from passive smoking too.
  • Avoiding dairy products, including milk, cheese, ice creams, yoghurt and some other foods, like citrus fruits, excessively cold water, ice cubes, banana and spicy food.
  • Avoiding exposure to cold, dampness and efforts to stay in dry climate for as much time as possible.
  • Taking herbal tea or liquorice tea with honey 2-3 times in a day for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Avoiding yeast containing products, like pasta, pizza, wine, bread, vinegar, processed cheese, mushrooms and vinegar. It can cause bad bacteria to grow in your body.
  • Buttercup syrup intake for chronic coughing for one-two weeks to eliminate chest tightness.

Symptoms of Emphysema can be reduced gradually by following one-two ways illustrated above. However, terminating the habit of smoking is the foremost way to get rid of worst symptoms of emphysema.

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