Emphysema end stage symptoms

Emphysema End Stage Symptoms Information You Need to Know

July 20, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema end stage symptoms: Final stage

There are mainly four stages of emphysema and Emphysema end stage symptoms are most crucial. This is the stage when disease becomes most untreatable and the problem gets fatal. In most of the cases, Emphysema end stage symptoms lead to death. There is diagnosis even for Emphysema end stage symptoms, but they are unsure and have lesser probability to get treated. It is actually too late to begin treatment at last stage as the results are not sure to get in favor of a person.

Emphysema end stage symptoms may vary for different cases, but it mainly begins with regular COPD signals. A person might feel regular breathing problems in initial stages, but it becomes worst, if proper treatment is not taken or the disease is ignored. There can be greying of nails and lips, which is due to improper exchange of air form body (excess of carbon dioxide and less oxygen in-take). Emphysema end stage symptoms may also generate excessive mucus with yellow-green color, which causes many other health issues.

Emphysema end stage symptoms: Some common signals

Emphysema end stage symptoms can include severe breathing issues. A person might not get adequate oxygen and body generates excessive carbon dioxide. This breathing problem may worsen and patients might get attack of short breath, even when they are leisurely sitting or resting. They get excessive tiredness and even simple tasks, like bending, going to washroom, opening cupboard, picking a paper or almost any simple utility might become tiring. Emphysema end stage symptoms have less probability to get healed. Mostly, people suffering from these conditions would be stuck at home or maximum visit hospitals for checkup.

Emphysema end stage symptoms will result to lung failure and it leads to necessity of lung transplantation surgical measure. This is the ultimate solution, but a healthy body is required to get this done. Lung transplantation is done for a single lung at one time. Emphysema end stage also includes air leakage from lungs (pneumothorax), which creates severe pain in chest area. Emphysema patients lose weight very soon and as the level of infection increases, a person gets appetite killed.

Emphysema end stage symptoms and related diagnosis

Emphysema end stage symptoms should never be ignored and a physician should be referred immediately to review the present condition of patient. Ignorance of this problem at final stage might lead to lung cancer, which will ultimately lead to death. Lung function testing and x-ray image of chest might be required for diagnosis. Doctor will determine exact condition of lungs and alveoli. Spirometer is used to make lung function testing and it determines blood flow rate and volume of lungs. There are blood tests and other examinations made to check the amount of blood cells in body. Oximetry is a test done to check oxygen levels inside a body.

COPD usually occurs in adults and mainly in people having smoking habit. The symptoms may appear like some other disease, but it needs proper diagnoses and testing to know the exact level of emphysema. If you know anyone suffering from it, you should make efforts to make that person convinced about the disease to make their life better. It is essential to collect information about Emphysema end stage symptoms to know about it better.

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