Emphysema Symptoms require Immediate Medical Attention

November 1, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

emphysema-immediate-doctor-attentionEmphysema symptoms start showing in a patient, in early or late stages. They might experience breathing difficulties, chronic coughing, chest tightness or other issues. Breath shortness is the common symptom for Emphysema patients and directly related to lung issues. Your ability to lead a smooth life also becomes hampered and emphysema patients suffer every day due to deterioration of their lungs. Emphysema symptoms should not be neglected and you should to approach a medical practitioner as soon as you experience Emphysema Symptoms.

Emphysema Symptoms originate with the lung diseases, when there is improper in-take and expulsion of air due to damaged lungs. Lung tissues have the function of management of air inhalation and exhalation and when you start showing Emphysema symptoms, it means that the tissues of lungs have got damage. This tissue damage can obstruct air flow and result in tough breathing for patients. The body requires more effort for breathing and hence, there is shortness of breath. Smoking is the main cause of Emphysema and other COPD.

Common Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema Symptoms can arise from different causes. You will experience breath shortness due to obstructive air passages to lungs. The levels of Carbon Dioxide increase in body and lung tissues get damaged. These symptoms vary from one person to the other.

Some common emphysema symptoms are enlisted below:

  • Breathlessness issues: It is the major symptom for Emphysema patients. They will experience breath shortness without any reason and need to consult their doctor immediately to get correct diagnosis.
  • Rapid Breathing (Tachypnea): Emphysema symptoms can result in improper breath flow.
  • Wheezing: This is a common symptom, in which, whistling sound is produced while breathing in or out.
  • Chronic coughing: Cigarette smoking is the major cause for chronic coughing and in fact, most COPD. Emphysema can result in chronic coughs with sputum or without it.
  • Loss of appetite: Emphysema Symptoms include loss of body weight and appetite.
  • Fever symptoms: Emphysema Symptoms might include fever and this might occur due to bacterial infection arising in lungs.
  • Reduced body tolerance: Emphysema sufferers may not be able to cope up with exercising schedules and get reduced body tolerance in physical activities.

Co-relation of Emphysema and Asthma

Emphysema and Asthma have correlation in its symptoms. There is a huge confusion about these diseases, but specialists can diagnose the correct disease. The only difference between these diseases is that Asthma follows with infection in air pipes and emphysema has damage in alveoli or air sacs.

Treatment of Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema symptoms can be treated in different ways. Conventional therapies make use of antibiotics, but it might not always be a suitable option. Antibiotics can work only on bacterial infections inside lungs and cure those infections affecting the lungs. You may try conventional or new methods for getting away from Emphysema symptoms. If you are a regular smoking, it will be essential to quit smoking completely. Emphysema Symptoms can have worse effects on a body and fighting the disease is important to lead a depression-free life.

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