Emphysema Symptoms that can help you identify this COPD Suspect

July 20, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema Symptoms: Markers of respiratory disorders

Emphysema Symptoms can vary according to level and kind of COPD. The indications of this disease are taken for granted in the beginning, but might have severe and fatal results. Symptoms of Emphysema might not be easy to recognize in the beginning as there is a lot of variation indications for different people. Emphysema symptoms can be felt due to damaged alveoli of lungs, which make them enlarged and even bursts them. There is improper gas exchanges in the body, which increments the level of carbon dioxide and hence, causes troubles in lungs.

People suffering from symptoms of emphysema might not notice any signs for many years. The main emphysema symptoms include shortness of breath, which begins at lower level and increases abruptly with growing stages of COPD. It eventually gets shortening of breath, even when you are at rest. There is no cure of problem as it is permanent in nature and gets worsened over time. Emphysema symptoms are different for every patient, but some regular signs are illustrated in the section below.

Emphysema Symptoms to detect COPD:

  • Breath shortness: The common term used for breath shortness is ‘dyspnea’. It is one of the major symptoms of emphysema. It begins at a low level and rises up to breath shortness even while resting.
  • Chronic coughing: Emphysema symptoms include coughing, which might be with or without sputum. The cough may be due to prolonged cigarette smoking and accompanied by long-term coughing. COPD generally causes incremented mucus production and can cause severe problems by inducing higher level of infection.
  • Breathing speedily: Common term used for speedy breathing is ‘Tachypnea’. It is one of the common symptoms of emphysema. People get high rate of breathing, which causes trouble to them and even gets high BP and heart problems.
  • Reduced physical tolerance: People having COPD might get reduction in their physical tolerance and capacity. They don’t get resistant to exercising or any activity. Emphysema symptoms include easy tiredness of body and a person feels fatigued, even after doing no work. There is decreased exercising tolerance and patients get short breath, even after walking a few steps.
  • Barrel Chest: This is amongst rare symptoms of Emphysema in initial stages, but still prevalent in some people at later stages.
  • Wheezing: It is a sound produced during exhalation of air out of body. Some people get this trouble during a physical activity and others might get it even when they are resting.
  • Loss of weight: COPD can result into Anorexia, which is a common term used for appetite loss. This can result in loss of weight and Emphysema symptoms can be easily picked up with immediate lessening of body weight.

Emphysema Symptoms: What to do about them?

These are some common Emphysema symptoms. It is preferable that people getting any of these Emphysema Symptoms should consult their doctors and seek medical attention. Ignoring the signals might lead to fatal results later on. If you feel anything like, you are short of breathe, can’t speak properly, lack of concentration, high BP problems, lips changed to grey or blue color, or any sort of combination with COPD, don’t forget to tell doctor about your additive Emphysema Symptoms.

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