Genetic Bronchitis and Emphysema Symptoms

November 11, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Bronchitis & Emphysema Symptoms should not be ignored in any way. It is rightly said that even a simple cough should not be ignored. The transformation of this cough with mucous secretion becomes bronchitis and the persistence of chronic coughing for a longer duration might be one of the emphysema symptoms. If your cough becomes chronic or includes sputum for about 2-4 months, then you should think about having a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). These symptoms can be problematic for you later on because destruction in lungs grows rapidly with time and not taking any appropriate steps.

Bronchitis has the problem of obstruction of airways and it becomes tough for a person to inhale or exhale properly. On the other hand, Emphysema symptoms arise due to distortion of lungs through several causes. You might have heard smoking, pollution, industrial irritants and other things as main sources for generating emphysema symptoms. However, there is another major aspect included in causing emphysema and other COPD. It is the deficiency of Alpha-1-antitrypsin protein.

Why genetic COPD & emphysema symptoms arise?

The reason is lack of alpha-1-antitrypsin protein. This deficiency results in the loss of structural protein (Elastin) of lungs and becomes the reason of Emphysema and bronchitis origination. Elastin has the function of maintaining stability of alveolar walls and results in gradual distortion of alveoli (air sacs).

Emphysema is generally termed as ‘Smoker’s Disease’ and develops mainly in mid-aged or older people. However, hereditary effects can be seen in young people. The deficiency of alpha-i-antitrypsin (AAT) causes the disease rarely and there are only a few people getting Emphysema due to this reason. This occurs with an imbalance between AAT protein and Elastin. The genetic deficiency of AAT can degrade lungs and create adverse impacts on the body. The problem becomes more with regular smoking and other interlinked emphysema causing reasons. The deficiency of AAT is detected by blood testing through specialized path labs.

The mechanism of getting Emphysema grows on with tobacco smoking effects and Elastese gets imbalanced with AAT deficiency and other causes. Smoking stimulates the release of Elastase and hence, there is degeneration of lungs caused. The concept of getting Emphysema symptoms doesn’t only lie with having habit of smoking or exposure to pollutants, but genetic issue is a big issue for patients to get this COPD.

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