symptoms of lung cancer emphysema

Symptoms and causes of lung cancer emphysema

October 11, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Symptoms of lung cancer emphysema might arise for the people who have been smoking for many years. They are at highest risk of getting lung diseases, which can turn into cancer. You can know the reasons of illness and try to prevent them to get a better scope of health.

Worsening of lung diseases can lead to cancer and people getting these diseases have higher scope of getting lung cancer. Lung cancer can be a result of multiple lung related disorders, including emphysema and one more disease.

Some common lung diseases ultimately leading to symptoms of lung cancer emphysema are:

  • Emphysema: Shortness of breath is the first symptom experienced by emphysema patients. If you are feeling breath shortness even after not doing any vigorous work and doing continuous active or passive smoking, then there are many chances that your lungs are distorted and you are suffering from emphysema. Emphysema patients usually have destruction of air sacs, called Alveoli. Lungs become unable to get appropriate oxygen in bloodstream and there is more carbon dioxide accumulated in your body, resulting into fatigue. It can reduce your body to take appropriate oxygen.
  • Chronic Bronchitis: It has associated chronic coughing, which might include sputum. The chronic coughing might cause dry coughing, but it is too chronic. The lungs become swollen due to which there is pain and tenderness in the chest area.
  • Excessive throat infection: Throat area can be damaged by cigarette smoking or tobacco intake. It can be a root for many infections and cause pain, irritation and even serious problems for people. Sore throat will be the first symptom and it will be accompanied by many major complications, resulting into COPD.
  • COPD: It is mainly a term used for combinational lung diseases. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease might be categorized by improper lung functioning due to distortion of walls and alveoli. It is a common resultant of lung cancer and can affect your life adversely. The main symptoms are shortness of breath and intense coughing.

Lung cancer can be the adverse and fatal stage of lung disease. It can ultimately lead to death or a low quality living. The major symptoms of lung cancer emphysema are coughing with blood, pneumonia attacks, heavy breathing, whistling sound while breathing, swelled nose and face.

If you observe any of the symptoms of lung cancer emphysema, it would be better to go to your doctor immediately and seek a treatment for the same. Lung diseases are generally incurable, but the deterioration of lungs can be prevented by some natural remedies or changing lifestyle. Symptoms of lung cancer emphysema are intense and need immediate medical attention.

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