What causes Emphysema symptoms to originate in a person?

November 28, 2012 • Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema symptoms might originate in a person due to deterioration of lungs. Lungs are important organs of the body and when there is improper functioning of lungs, you can fall sick. Emphysema symptoms are experienced by millions of people and this disorder leads to many problems in human beings. Some people think that Emphysema is not so serious, but it is the biggest mistake. You need to know that if you are not treated on time, emphysema can result into fatal consequences for the body. Once you know the real causes and emphysema symptoms, you can put up your wholesome effort to cure the disease. In general, emphysema is an irreversible disease, but you can slow down or completely halt its progression for treatment.

Understand why Emphysema Symptoms arise?

Emphysema is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and commonly affects a person in their range of breathing. There might not be much problem while breathing in, but breathing out becomes very tiring and noisy for the patient. In simple words, the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body can’t be exhaled smoothly, which leads to tremendous trouble for the patients.

If a person becomes unable to breathe out properly, it will create a feeling of breathlessness and suffocation, which accumulates excessive carbon dioxide in the body. It results into further deterioration of many parts of the body. The body’s cells won’t work properly with accumulation of toxins and the oxygen absorption rate is also affected badly by this condition. In serious cases or end stages of emphysema, a person will not be able to breathe in properly.

What are the main causes emphysema symptoms?

Emphysema symptoms may arise due to following reasons:

  • Regular smoking: Cigarette smoking can swell the lung cells and it can affect bronchioles present in lungs. The enzymes of the body also get activated and this can hamper the lung tissues.
  • Intravenous drugs: These drugs can induce toxicity in lungs and result in infection inside lung tissues.
  • Deficiency of AAT: This is a genetic cause of the disease and the deficiency of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin causes lung damage. This protein is necessary to maintain elasticity in alveoli and natural lack of protein can result into lung damage.
  • Lack of immunity: It is generally observed that people having lack of immune system are probable to get emphysema and other COPD.
  • Age issue: At times, a person becomes victim of this disease with their growing age. The elasticity of lung tissues becomes lower and it can cause emphysema occurrence in the body.
  • Industrial smoke and exposure to chemicals: Emphysema can be caused by inhaling polluted air and industrial chemical fumes, which can distort the lungs in adverse manner.
  • Tissue Illness: Some people get sickness in their tissues, like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Marfan syndrome. They can easily become victims of the disease.;

Emphysema symptoms might include shortness of breath, puzzled behavior, chest tightness, chronic coughing and various other things. You need to make sure about dealing with these issues and handling these acute problems in your life. COPD treatment is available with many lung specialists, but an important thing is to focus on the emphysema symptoms to ensure that the best cure is implemented.

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