COPD Treatment: Relieving COPD symptoms by adopting best nutrition program

October 10, 2012 • COPD Emphysema, Emphysema Treatments

COPD treatment has become a dire need of people suffering from this irreversible disease. Treating COPD does not mean that your damaged lungs can be repaired, but it means that the problems you are facing due to the disease can be resolved. The major cause of getting COPD is smoking and 90% of the patients diagnosed with this disease are regular smokers. Many people in America die because of lung failure, which is mainly caused by the impact of worsening of COPD. Smoking is difficult to leave and this is the reason for many patients to continue getting negative impacts of COPD on their bodies.

Doctors immediately suggest their patients to quit smoking completely as it can gradually worsen your COPD symptoms and make it a serious issue for you. Apart from this, many nutrition programs are advised for patients to follow best nutrition program to stay better and get away from worse affects of the disease.

Nutrition Programs for COPD treatment

  • Keeping consistent blood sugar levels is necessary to get best treatment for COPD. Patients can include fibrous carbohydrates in their diet, like oatmeal. Insulin can be easily controlled by making a management over your diet and keeping a low body fat means reducing chances of getting Emphysema or other COPD.
  • Try to maintain a moderate fat amount in your diet and include healthy food fats, like Omega 3 in your diet to reduce the chances of getting lung cancer.
  • Eat foods having a lot of Vitamin E & A. It can act as natural supplements and keep you away from getting COPD impacts. Vegetables like yellow pepper or squash have highest amount of Vitamin A & E. You can also choose to take artificial supplements to feel better.
  • Apart from Vitamins, your diet should include zinc, copper, flaxseed oil and magnesium to build a stronger immunity.
  • Short-term fasting diet can be beneficial to detoxify your body. This can clean your kidneys and lever and any toxins present in your body can be cleared off by detoxifying your body. Some natural nutrients, like green tea, grape seed extracts and nac have ability to clean your liver and keep you healthy.
  • Garlic and ginger are excellent resources for COPD treatment. They have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Smokers usually have huge amount of estrogen hormone in their body and require some treatment to lower the impact of this hormone. Natural anti-oxidant substances can be effective in treating COPD symptoms and feeling better with a consistent health.

COPD treatment by natural ways is a preventive measure and meant for relieving symptoms of the disease, such as breathlessness, chronic coughing, chest tightness or coughing with mucous.

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