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Emphysema Oxygen Therapy through Portable Oxygen Concentrators

August 20, 2012 • Emphysema Treatments

Emphysema oxygen therapy becomes dire need of patients at early or last stages. The most common symptom of this disease is breath shortness. This might occur anytime during the day and initially, you will have problems while getting up from bed. This will gradually keep on happening for the whole day, with increase in distortion of your lungs. You might get several respiratory infections and it can be really troublesome for you to fight against these sources of infection.

Emphysema can have worst impacts on the body. It can suddenly reduce weight of patients or make you restless throughout the day. You might feel tired due to lack of supply of oxygen and hence, it becomes tough for you to lead life without any hassles. Oxygen concentrators are very essential for patients and most importantly, there are portable concentrators available these days, which can help you to get oxygen immediately, whether you are at home, office or airplane.

Emphysema Oxygen Therapy availabilities

There are various emphysema oxygen therapy concentrators available in market. You will get various equipments working at various levels of power supplies. Some devices are rechargeable and require AC supply in battery and others might have disposable batteries included in them. Portable concentrators can enable your battery power to run for 3-10 hours, depending on battery backup. It can give you a lot of oxygen supply, even if you are not near electric supply.

Compactness of oxygen concentrators is essential to make them carry around you. You can lift them easily and even carry them in your bag. It is easy to get it from one place to another without a support. Portable oxygen concentrators mainly come with a carry bag or cart, which makes them easy to carry around. It will be a great option to take them along anywhere and you can get relief, whenever you feel short of oxygen naturally.

Brand and warranty

You should look at brand of concentrators and the warranty they offer for their products. Most of devices will offer a warranty ranging from 3-5 years. You will be spending a considerable amount for your emphysema oxygen therapy and it should ultimately not go into waste. You can purchase the portable device having approval from FAA for usage in air plane. You will certainly have a comfortable travel and there would be no need to worry about anything at all. Emphysema oxygen therapy is necessity for every patient and even if you are at early stage, don’t forget to purchase a good concentrator for immediate needs.

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