Emphysema oxygen therapy to supplement oxygen in lungs

July 19, 2012 • Emphysema Treatments

Emphysema oxygen therapy: Why and how much oxygen is required?

Emphysema oxygen therapy is required for patients having problems related to shortening of breath. Oxygen is need of every human being and the air we breathe has approximately twenty percent oxygen. People having emphysema are unable to breath properly due to improper functioning of their lungs. Emphysema oxygen therapy is required to bring normal breathing for patients. There are supplemental amounts of oxygen required by patients having emphysema and they need it mainly for proper functioning of their body organs.

Physicians can measure oxygen levels in your body by getting ABG sample or using pulse oximeter. The main goal of emphysema oxygen therapy is to keep your keep oxygen levels at or above 88 percent mark. Your doctor will recommend a module to implement emphysema oxygen therapy and let you know its correct implementation. Oxygen concentrators used to get the therapy in most relevant way. It is essential to follow instructions of your doctor exactly as prescribed, as excess or limited use can get severe consequences on body.

Emphysema Oxygen Therapy benefits

COPD patients are usually referred to Emphysema Oxygen therapy to prevent heart failure and some other lung diseases. Studies reveal that the survival rate of patients increases by using Emphysema Oxygen therapy for more than 15 hours a day. It also improves mood swings, mental alertness, sleep, stamina and activities of patients and helps them to carry their everyday functions normally.

Emphysema Oxygen therapy through Portable Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are the devices used to supply oxygen inside lungs artificially. A portable concentrator is always beneficial for emphysema patients as they can get breathe oxygen easily by being at any place. This portable Emphysema Oxygen therapy has comforted patients and has given them options to work conveniently and restrict any limits. Conventional treatment was not handy and patients couldn’t carry oxygen tanks from one place to another. Modern devices have concentrated air in them and there is production of oxygen started by concentrating the air that pulls in.

Emphysema Oxygen therapy: Types of oxygen concentrators available

There are different kinds of portable concentrators available in the market. Patients should consider the limit of portability required by them. It is an essential issue as there is huge battery life required in portable machines. The devices with more battery life will be costly. The device should be handy and light. It should have an appropriate weight to make you easy to carry it. Heavy machines are tough to carry.

Emphysema Oxygen therapy: How much oxygen patients need per day?

The level of oxygen required in Emphysema Oxygen therapy varies according to intensity of problem. Some patients are advised for Emphysema Oxygen therapy only during sleep, while the worst cases might need use of all time concentrator. It depends on doctors and they list out supplemented oxygen requirement of a patient.

Emphysema Oxygen therapy: Make use of Oxygen Safely

Oxygen is basically a safe and nonflammable gas, but it is a supporter of combustion. It is essential to follow some guidelines, enlisted by American Lung Association to make use of devices correctly.

Important points:

  • Don’t use oxygen around other heat sources, like gas heaters, electronic heaters etc.
  • Don’t use oxygen near open flames, like lighters, candles, cigarettes, match sticks.
  • Don’t use creams or lotions containing petroleum with artificial oxygen intake.
  • When not in use, supply valves of device should be turned off.
  • Store portable oxygen concentrators safely in upright position and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that you read all safety instructions before using Emphysema oxygen therapy device.

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