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December 9, 2012 • Emphysema Treatments

COPD medication is necessary for all stages of Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Diseases. It is most essential to quit the progression of disease and the primary step patients can take is to quit smoking completely. COPD has no cure, but there are certain treatments and medications, which can help you to relieve your symptoms and help in easy breathing. It will become easy for you to breathe and live a better life by adopting COPD medication.

Purpose of COPD medication and treatment

COPD medication can relieve you from the worst symptoms and avoid all sorts of discomforts for a person. It can help in slowing down of the progress of disease and stay active by maintaining a good quality of life. Your body can remain fit and overall fitness can be improved by adopting regular routine of precautions and treatment.

There are different levels of treatment for various COPD problems. The medications will depend on severe, mild and moderate conditions. If your condition is severe, lung specialist doctor will handle your case and in this case, there will be many precautions and COPD medications referred by the practitioner. COPD treatment mainly involves rehabilitation techniques, adequate oxygen supply and certain other medications.

Common COPD Medication

COPD is linked to distortion of lungs and caused due to damaged tissues (alveoli) inside lungs. It makes a tougher breathing pattern for patient as airways remain blocked. Smoking is the prominent cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and it includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema as the major problems.

The following groups of COPD medication are used generally for treating the disease:

  • Steroids
  • Antibiotics
  • Immunizations

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Best COPD Medication

COPD treatment requires pulmonary rehabilitation as a best treatment. It involves the exercising schedules, disease management, counselling sessions and other activities to be carried out comfortably. Breathing exercises can be very beneficial for strengthening muscles for breathing. It will make you more comfortable and reduce shortness of breath. You will be given exercise modules according to various timings. You can set up goals and discuss with your trainer about management of these schedules. Daily routine for walk for 20-40 minutes a day will be best for your heath.

How to prevent progression of COPD with medication and preventions?

If you smoke regularly, the first thing your doctor will focus on will be quitting this habit forever. The most important aspect is to stay away from anything, which can cause destruction of lung tissues. You should also avoid exposure towards passive smoking, pollutants or any harmful chemicals. Keeping lungs in a dust-free and smoke-free condition can help in COPD treatment. No COPD medication can work well, if you are not ready to quit smoking.

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