Natural Emphysema Treatments: Common herbs to treat Emphysema naturally

August 8, 2012 • Emphysema Treatments

There are millions of smokers suffering who have acquired emphysema due to their addiction of smoking cigarettes and require natural emphysema treatments to get cured. Emphysema can be defined as irreversible condition of lungs with enlargement of alveoli in lungs. This disease has no cure at all, but some natural procedures can be followed to prohibit the disease to spread further. There is shortening of breath, fatigue and some other symptoms associated with this disease.

Emphysema is dangerous for human body as it accumulates more carbon dioxide in the body and lessens the amount of oxygen. Emphysema patients will have imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. It can result in many complications in the body of a person and introduce some tough symptoms, like headaches, dizziness, breath shortening and other things.

Emphysema people are mostly long-term smokers having distortion in lungs. The early symptoms of disease may or may not appear in initial stages, but can show up at medial or even end stages. The physical outlook of a person starts going different and health also deteriorates in some or the other way. In most of cases, emphysema is generic in nature and chain smokers are highly probable to develop this dreadful disease.

Natural Emphysema Treatments can be undertaken and following herbs are mainly used to cure the disease and prohibit its deterioration:

  • Cordyceps: It produces oxygenation of kidneys and works with a principle of synergy of kidney and lungs.
  • Astralagus: This Chinese herb helps in clearing lungs and healing bronchial tubes.
  • Clearlungs: This is an herbal combination of Ridgecrest, which can cure respiratory issues from the body.
  • Licorice extracts: They encourage energy levels and improve functioning of internal organs. These herbs should not be used over a week as it can enhance blood pressure of body.
  • Ephedra/Thyme: This is great for respiratory disorders. It is a great herbal remedy, but prohibited to be used by patients having heart disease, glaucoma or anxiety.
  • Other herbs: Rosemary, Fenugreek, Fresh Horseradish, Mullein Tea and Alfalfa.

Natural emphysema treatments are becoming popular in medical study due to its healing nature. It can naturally enhance healing of body and allow better oxygen supply to the body. There are many symptoms caused by the disease and herbal remedies can help you to recover from your problems and prohibit the disease to spread further. If adequate amount of oxygen is supplied to the body, it will have least chances to thrive bacteria, microbes and viruses. You can learn about natural oxygen therapies as they serve as best natural emphysema treatments.

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