Some Emphysema Treatments worth Trying

November 28, 2012 • Emphysema Treatments

Emphysema treatments are differently given to patients, depending on their present condition. There are various ways of curing emphysema patients, but it depends on individual’s capacity about treating Emphysema and curing your body.

Emphysema is a chronic lung disease and the most common symptom incurred in emphysema patients is shortness of breath. The patients might also get immediate reduction in body weight, tightness in chest and chronic coughing. Emphysema includes distortion of chest tissues, which makes it an irreversible lungs condition.

Emphysema Treatments: Avoid the condition to go worse

Our lungs need proper contraction and expansion for better breathing. The lungs get distorted with improper functioning of alveoli due to their distortion. You can imagine them like balloons. The fresh alveoli have clear outlining, but distorted ones have fabled shape and size. There is improper inhalation and exhalation of gases, which makes accumulation of carbon dioxide and inhalation of lesser oxygen. Alveoli include elastic fibers helping in deflation and inflation of lungs and distortion in air sacs can result in worst impact for your breathing pattern. The problem occurs as the diaphragm and breathing processes push air towards the sacs in a normal way. The walls lose their elasticity and get out of shape. In worst cases, the body doesn’t get even adequate oxygen during slight exertion, like opening cupboards or walking.

The common obstruction causes are accumulation of excessive mucus due to inflammation of bronchitis. Smoking is the primary cause of this problem and this is the reason for development of this disease mainly in men of middle age.  Moreover, the ratio of smoking men is still more than females. Apart from smoking, there can be other causes for emphysema origination. Your doctor might ask you for conducting various tests for diagnosis of disease. Chronic coughing is a part of the disease and it can pressurize your alveoli and make you feel sick.

Emphysema sufferers also experience chest tightening problems due to expansion of chest wall. Most people are diagnosed for the disease at level II because they keep on ignoring their primary symptoms of disease by thinking it as something else, or simply ignoring it.

Emphysema Treatment Suggestions

Some emphysema treatment suggestions can ease you and help prevention of further damage. They are:

  • Completely quitting smoking and avoiding situations having issues regarding passive smoking.
  • Don’t get exposed to damp, cold and dehydrated atmosphere and try to be in warm and dry climatic conditions.
  • Consume 3-4 cups of herbal tea with honey to feel better.
  • Don’t consume too many dairy products, like yoghurt, cheese, ice cream. If you like tea with milk, then use skimmed milk.
  • Avoid bananas, spicy food, citric fruits and too cold beverages.
  • For a bad cough, you can take warm water and add a teaspoon of Buttercup syrup for a week.
  • Don’t consume yeast formed products, like pizza, pasta, bread, wine, vinegar, blue cheese, mushrooms and avoid them especially if you take antibiotics courses for antibiotics.

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