Emphysema: Extended & Progressive Disease

Emphysema is a progressive disease related to lungs and causes problem in breathing. This problem mainly occurs due to inflation of alveoli beyond a certain level. The people affected from emphysema have distortion or impairment of tissue involved in exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In this problem, lungs are obtrusive due to distracted airflow on inhalation and exhalation. It is due to the fact that over-inflated air sacks are unable to exchange gases in breathing movement of a person. Emphysema comes under a group of diseases and is generally called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Emphysema Explained: How it occurs

This disease is commonly known as obstructive lung disease. It is initiated when alveolar lung walls and capillary blood vessels get damaged. It constricts the inner side of lung where blood and air meet and reduce imminent exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It makes a person get breathlessness and tough breathing.

Emphysema major causes

The major cause of Emphysema is smoking habit. It stimulates inflammatory cells in lungs and causes swelling inside bronchioles. It stimulates proteases (enzymes), which mainly damage lung tissues. Apart from smokers, this problem can also arise in old age and might be genetically present as a deficiency in some people.

Emphysema effects

Emphysema is indicated by breathlessness problems, recurrent cough, headaches, concentration issues, chest constriction, irritation in chest or stomach area and other illnesses. If you find any problem, it would be advisable to consult your doctor and get correct diagnosis for disease.

Emphysema general diagnosis and treatment

General procedures adopted to diagnose Emphysema are physical examination of doctor, X-Ray, CT Scans, Lung functioning test, blood tests or similar practices. There is basically no permanent cure for Emphysema as it is lung damage, which can’t be reversed. If the patient has habit of smoking, they are completely prohibited to smoke. It is a progressive disease and treatment has to be made to avoid further damage of lungs. The damage once done can’t be replaced.

Bronchodilators help in relaxation of muscles and free the breathing tubes. It also helps to promote air flow. There are some medication and natural remedies helpful in fortifying your respiratory and immune system. Emphysema damages lung tissues and alters anatomy of lung in different ways. If the tissue is damaged, airways get downfall and it becomes tough for lungs to empty. This way, gases become trapped in alveoli. Normal lung tissue appears like a new sponge and the one affected with Emphysema appears similar to old sponge and has large holes.

COPD is amongst the 4th leading death causes in US and the rate is rising abruptly with time. Emphysema can be prevented by taking general precautions and ignoring the main causes.

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