Lung Disease can affect Quality of Life

September 21, 2012 • Lung Disease

Lung disease is a single term used for many lung-related ailments, including Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Lung Cancer or Throat Infections. Lung diseases are progressive and have no permanent cure. It can worsen with time and it becomes hard for patients to breathe properly. Shortness of breath is a common symptom of lung disease. Apart from it, a patient might experience hard and chronic coughing, chest tightening, wheezing and several other problems. Lung disease symptoms will largely depend on the intensity and cause of disease.

Major causes of Lung Disease

Lung disease can be caused by a variety of factors, including smoking, exposure to chemical fumes, allergy from dust, air pollution and several other factors. The diseases can be caused by many factors, but smoking is the foremost cause of getting a lung disease.

Effects of Lung Disease

There are many subcategories of lung diseases. Emphysema is a common progressive disease having the main effect of shortness of breath. This disease can distort tissues (alveoli) around sacs, which can result in distortion of these air sacs. Emphysema is mainly caused by smoking, but it could also be the result of air pollution, chemical fumes or other cases. The disease worsens with time and if smoking is not prevented, there is a huge probability that the disease gets a person on last stages of their life. Once the alveoli are distorted, there is no chance to recover from the condition. Emphysema is a progressive lung disease, which worsens with time.

The surface area of lungs reduces and there is improper supply of oxygen inside your blood stream. The treatments can delay progression of lung disease, but can’t reverse the damage made to lungs. Chronic Bronchitis is another lung disease, which is caused by inflammation of alveoli. Its symptoms are extreme coughing and mucus production inside lungs. It might also accompany breath shortness, exhalation or wheezing. If the similar recurring symptoms arise in a person, it is termed as chronic condition of bronchitis. Again, cigarette smoking is considered to be the main cause of this problem.

There are many people who don’t smoke and still get lung disease. They might have problems with chemicals or too much exposure in dust or polluted air. There can be many painful and life threatening conditions arising with lung disease patients. They should try to build a stronger immunity by taking balanced diet, consuming regular antioxidants and avoiding too much stress. There is a great chance to lessen your lung disease severity, but prevention is the main need for it.

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