Lung disease: Must know information about this enemy

July 20, 2012 • Lung Disease

Lung disease is one of the worst ailments. Lungs are main constituents of our respiratory system. We are able to breathe oxygen through our lungs and they are a reason for us to live. Lungs are present inside the chest area and above diaphragm. Oxygen enters into lungs while breathing and can be reaches into blood through respiratory system. Lung disease prohibits a person to breathe properly as respiratory organs can’t work properly with problematic lungs. There are various hazards accompanying lung disease and some of them might be critical too.

Lung disease: Some common types

There are various kinds of diseases caused due to improper functioning of lungs, but major problems include Asthma, pneumonia, Tuberculosis (TB) and the most critical Lung cancer. Lung disease has many variations, but all of them are linked to either of the mentioned ailments.

Lung disease causes

The main cause of lung diseases in patients is cigarette smoking. It is in fact the major cause of critical cases like lung cancer. Lung disease is commonly found in regular smokers. Doctors would suggest that the sooner you quit this habit, the better it will be for you.  Cigarette smoking can cause distortion of lungs and tissues inside them. There are millions of people who smoke and can’t quit this habit. These people have probability of getting lung disease rapidly. Apart from active smoking, passive smoking, air pollution, industrial fumes or exposure to harmful chemical in air can also cause lung disease.

Lung disease diagnosis

Lung disease can be diagnosed by doctors through various symptoms shown by patients. Doctors can also take blood tests or X-ray imaging to view the condition of lungs. If lung damage is detected in early stages, it is probable to get rid of probability of critical cases like lung cancer. Doctors also check medical history of patients to know what all probabilities they have for an infection or swelling in lungs.

Lung disease symptoms

The symptoms for lung diseases vary from one person to another. Some common indications are:

  • Shortened breathe
  • Chronic cough
  • Wheezing
  • Sore throat and dry cough
  • Mucus production
  • Excessive fatigue

Lung disease treatments

The treatments for lung diseases can be undertaken according to level of infection and stage of disease. If not treated in a right way, lung diseases can lead to severe results and might become fatal for life. Diseases like Asthma, TB, Emphysema and others are treated by medications or oxygen therapies; whereas liver cancer or high-leveled diseases can be managed through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, target therapy, surgical procedures, like lungs transplantation.

The purpose behind every treatment is to allow smooth flow of air through lungs. The side effects of medications for lung diseases should be understood by patient and they should not ignore any prevention way out mentioned by their physician.

People are advised to take proper diet and natural products to keep lungs infection free. Balanced diet is essential to keep the body fit and free from any toxins. Patients need to consume 8-12 glasses of water every day to make sure that they have no congestion or infection causing source in the body. Ignorance of lung disease can be critical and even cause immediate death of patient.

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