Lungs Diseases caused due to Occupational Hazards

November 26, 2012 • Lung Disease

Lung diseases can be caused due to work-related hazards. With advancement in medical technologies, we have got more aware of the potential dangers related to industrial chemicals or environment. This exposure can be due to negligence or improper facilities in industrial area. Occupational Health Acts defines rights of the people while they are on job. It is always the right of employees to get protected from industrial lung disease probabilities.

The different kinds of occupational lung disorders depend on the nature of your job. The frequency and amount of exposure also affects the extent of your disorder. Lung diseases can affect people at a high rate and a variety of careers are prone to these diseases. It is the need of employees to know about any hazards associated with the job and employers also should make sure about any worst impacts associated with their field to avoid the problems to incur for their life.

Some common occupational lung diseases

There can be a variety of problems developing for lung disease patients. It can worsen the previously caused damaged and result in major health problems for people. However, it is important to be particular about the workplace conditions, which can result in fatal situations. Common work place related lung diseases are:

  • Byssinosis (Brown Lung Disease): This condition occurs mainly for the people inhaling dust and chemical fumes from textile industries having hemp, flax or cotton industry.
  • Silicosis: It occurs when you inhale crystalline silica content. The people working on blasting sites and mines are highly prospective to get this disease.
  • Beryllium Disease: This condition can be chronic or acute. It mainly occurs by inhalation of fumes or dust of beryllium, which is mainly found in weapon manufacturing companies, aerospace and electronic industries.
  • Bronchiolitis Obliterans: It is a rare disorder, which occurs with the inhalation of workplace by-products (chemicals).
  • Asthma: This occurs with allergens present in industry, which can be in the form of fumes or chemical smells.
  • Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: It is a broad category of fungi causing diseases, which can be caused from various causes.
  • Pneumoconiosis: It is also termed as Black Lung Disease and results mainly for people working in coal industries.

Your lungs require oxygen-rich and fresh air to consume toxin free waste from your blood. If your body is being regularly exposed to pollutants, irritants or other industrial particles, it can lead you to chronic lung diseases affecting the quality of your life.

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