See your doctor immediately for Interstitial lung Disease

August 22, 2012 • Lung Disease

Even if you have a doubt about having interstitial lung disease, you should rush to your doctor to get right diagnosis for your disease. It becomes a little tough for doctors to diagnose the disease, but if you make several pre-preparations before your visit to physician, it will ensure that your doctor can help in easing you from the problems caused by the disease.

What to do if you have interstitial lung disease?

Primarily, you need to keep a track of the symptoms experienced by you. Your doctor can make proper analysis of your condition and can refer the treatments, only if they are sure about your state. You are a better judge of your symptoms and enlist signals of your interstitial lung disease to doctor to ensure that they make a correct diagnosis. You can also let them know the source of your disease and lung irritants to which you might have regular exposure. You can get lung infections from chemicals, gases, smoke, pollutants or atmospheric changes. If you are living in an environment prone to lung diseases, it will be advised to go against it or make variations in your surroundings, so that you can easily get cured.

You also have to mention any previous medical histories or information to your doctor. It is essential to compile all your information, so that it becomes easy for you to explain as well as your doctor can give better treatment. They might give you herbal treatments, supplements and OTC medications to get cured from interstitial lung diseases. Your doctor might require X-ray of your chest or other scanning to make diagnosis. They might ask for your old scans for making comparison and hence, you should take them along, if you have an appointment with your physician.

You can list down your questions you want to ask from your doctor, so that you don’t skip any, when you are talking to your doctor. Take any family member or relative along with you and if you doubt about remembering the things said by doctor, it would be better to pen them down. If you have a smoking habit, your doctor will recommend stopping it as interstitial lung diseases become worst with smoking. You can also talk to your doctor about some natural therapies to get cured and prevent problems caused by lung diseases. You can also refer to some prevention in food items to avoid any issues related to interstitial lung disease.

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