Stop smoking by munching on healthy snacks so you won't become overweight!

Quit smoking today by eating good healthy snacks!

May 17, 2016 • Quit Smoking

Many people have tried replacing smoking with eating snacks and surprisingly, this method really works! They are able to do so by munching on the so called Quit Smoking Snacks which ranges from potato chips, biscuits, sweets, chocolates and many other spoiled choices. That’s why many successful cigarette quitters have reported gaining a high amount of weight ranging from 10kg to 20kg quite easily.

In order to understand why these quit smoking snacks work, you have to understand the psychology behind this method and that is, eating or munching on food will stimulate our blood flow while distracting our mind from thinking about the nicotines. This is why it works a treat and in saying that, your body doesn’t care what type of food you put in, as long as you’re putting something in your mouth. So why not replace these snacks with something good, better and more healthy?

Vegetable sticks

Okay we all love the crunch when we eat snacks such as potato chips. Every bite is like heaven, though filled with greasy oil and bad fats that we will later regret down the track. In order to replace this crunchiness sensation, you may want to try eating fresh crunchy vegetables instead such as carrot, celery and cucumber. Simply cut them into smaller tubes or stick sizes so that whenever you feel like smoking, you can bite on a few of these healthy snacks to take away that urge.

Now if these tastes too blend for your liking, you can dip them in many low fat dipping sauces that are available in many supermarkets. They come in many types of flavors including avocado, french onion, tomato salsa and more. Our favorite recommendation would be celery with peanut butter, they are a perfect match!

All kinds of healthy nuts

Nuts are full of goodness that cannot be found among other food. Almond is one of the best nuts you can snack on while quitting smoking because it’s full of good fat, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. These are qualities that will help reduce blood pressure and cholesterols while making feel satisfy. If you don’t like the taste of almond, you can try other nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios (yum!), walnuts and more.

All of these nuts are packed with healthy nutritions that are good for your heart and body. Furthermore, there has been many research done suggesting that people who eats more nuts are less likely to develop any types of cancer including lung cancer so this is a great substitute for smokers who are at a higher risk of developing this disease.

Eat lots of fruits

Fruits are known to contain lots of vitamins including vitamin C and they are a great way to hydrate your body, which are important for any smokers. There are many fruits in the market that you can eat as snacks including oranges, banana, apple, mango, watermelon, you name it! The varieties are enormous and they all promote good health while help keep your weight down. Simply cut them up into dice cubes and store them in your fridge so that if you nicotine evil wants to invade your mind again, you can simply take your fruit box out and kiss the nicotine goodbye!

Drink lots of water and Exercise!

While this has nothing to do with snack, but if you really want to quite smoking for good then you must drink lots of water to cleanse your body. You want to get rid of as much toxin as you could within the shortest possible time. So in order to speed up the cleansing process, you should do some intensive work out exercise such as running to ensure your body sweat. As we all know, sweating helps detox our body so by exercising regularly, you will continue to get rid of the bad stuff which will eventually reduce and completely eliminate your nicotine needs.

So there you go smokers

If you have been looking for quit smoking snacks then the above tips should give you enough guidance as to the choices of food you can munch on without becoming overweight. Making the decision to stop smoking is the first step and if you chose to quit by eating snacks instead of using medical assistance such as patches, then by following the guide in this article should be more than enough to help you stay off while keeping your body fresh and happy.

Always remember! Quitting does not happen overnight, but many reports have suggested that by snacking, you should be able to eliminate your bad habit within 1 month. Yes, the first 2 weeks may be the hardest and you will probably eat lots of munchies to sedate the cravings but if you can through it while replacing those snacks with healthy substitutes then there’s no reason why you won’t succeed. Good luck and stay strong!

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